Between 1966 and 1970, the Ford Foundation worked with Mexican nationals in this country to establish a radical organization called (MALDEF) known as the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. It was established for the purpose of litigation in the interest of Mexicans.

Mario Obledo, former Texas Attorney General who became head of this group actually had the gall to say”California is going to be a Hispanic state, and anyone who does not like it can leave.” In 1998, President Clinton awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

MALDEF is supported by contributions from the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Corp, I.B.M., and the Rockefeller Foundation.

In one Sacramento, California public school, there are children from over 50 nations and over 30 languages are spoken. This is insanity for not only the teachers but for the students as well.

As we know, the state of Texas is also at the point of being overrun. However, we should also be aware of places like the state of Georgia which has had a 77.4% rise in the Hispanic population in just 7 years. Presently there are between 220,000 and 480,000. The reason for the precise numbers being unknown is due to the many illegals which are sometimes difficult to keep track of.

The United States currently exports 20% of all food production, which generates approximately 40 billion in trade income. By 2025 at this present rate of growth and with losing over one million acres of land per year to urban, transportation, and industrial expansion the numbers level to zero.

It seems to no longer matter what party or candidate we vote for on Election Day. Good analogies of the two parties are like two sides of the same coin or that they are like fingers on the same hand. For many years now, all of our Presidents have been members of the C.F.R. otherwise known as the Council of Foreign Relations. Third party candidates are often denied ballot access by the entrenched Republican and Democratic judges and lawmakers. This can be seen in the recent case of Ralph Nadar who has been denied ballot access in over half of the states. Still it is fortunate that third parties are fighting on and not giving up. No matter their ideological basis any win for a third party means we are closer to the end of the two party system and that is good news to us.

In addition to being members of the C.F.R., the recent presidents have all been putting billions of our tax dollars into the World Monetary Fund and the World Bank. These groups have stock holders just like any other corporation and make their profit by taking advantage of poor nations which at the same time causes the first world countries to lose jobs.

In late spring of 2000, AT@T paid 58 billion to purchase Media One Group Inc. thus becoming the largest provider of pornography subscription on T.V. The F.C.C approved of this at the same time a company called Microsoft was fighting for its survival in federal court.

Organizations like the A.C.L.U. have long outlived their usefulness. For the past decade, the A.C.L.U. has been waging a war for the souls of our children. They want all symbols of Christianity removed from public view. This combined with the dumbing down of the public education system and the prevalence of homosexuality and race mixing on the television and in the movie industry is warping the minds of our children. These corporations and the organizations they help support are behind an agenda – that being the leveling of all people and the end of fair competition and other traditional values. These actions I believe should be considered treason.