By Mrs. Gaulsted

For years my husband and I have been frustrated with all the grumbling within the movement about the decadence of Aryan America, and our inability to lead white America to victory. Yet many of these same people live an alien lifestyle. There have been times in history where Aryans had the opportunity for greatness and we blew it. In all honesty, if someone with racial consciousness were actually elected President and could handpick his cabinet, etc. would he have the foundation and moral integrity of the population backing him, to lead with honor and success?

I believe we live in a time of preservation and preparation. The history and honor of our people have been decimated. Yes, our people do feel hopeless. So many of us are immersed in an alien culture, and don’t even understand what being an Aryan means anymore! Basic principles our people used to take for granted – like marriage and family, hard work and independence, freedom and privacy, honesty and integrity – are no longer understood or even valued.

We are the people who brought Christianity, liberty, and culture to the world. Our ancestors were George Washington, Michelangelo, Wagner, St. Paul, Queen Victoria, and Thomas Edison. We do our ancestors a dishonor if we boast of our Aryan genetics, yet live as aliens.

The amazing phenomenon we find throughout history, however, is just when all is thought to be lost and all that we stand for is about to be extinguished – God raises up a great soul to lead our people, or discover a new land, or make a technological discovery that preserves us and helps us at that pivotal moment.

Just as McCarthy fought the spread of communism through the world, often these leaders are vilified by the enemy and do not ultimately succeed in all they under take. But they slow the spread of evil, resurrect our ideals, and set an example of personal honor to inspire future generations.

Just as the leaders from our past, we must often stand alone, look to God for approval rather than others, and make a personal decision to do our best to live lives of honor and personal sacrifice no matter how complicated or difficult it gets, or what others do. We must have the courage and honesty to continue to learn to grow so we can be the instruments of God to help and preserve His people and make this planet a better place.

We live in difficult times. There are no more new lands. We can no longer explore and start over like the Pilgrims did. Satan is blatant. He has infiltrated and counterfeited the churches and caused such confusion among our people that we now question what used to be commonly understood to be right, just and true.

Our enemy knows if he can destroy our young he will have victory. So he targets the family, our teenagers, and our educational system.

We have been brought so far down, that we must start with the basics and rebuild our foundation. Only then will we raise leaders with the capability to lead our people back to greatness.

If we instituted a few basic changes in our personal lives – miracles would be performed with our people. We would be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. We would not only survive, but flourish.

Often, so many of us are starting with no knowledge. We cannot condemn ourselves for our past mistakes and weaknesses, but we must look forward and try to learn from our past if we are not to repeat it, and desire to overcome it. We must surround ourselves with positive, uplifting people we can learn from and who can help us. We must set a living, patient example for our families.

Below is a list of things our white brothers and sisters must work on in their lives.

1. We must overcome addictions to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. We cannot be truly free if we are slaves to our bodies. Many Aryans are also addicted to pornography and gambling. If we have a personal weakness in any of these areas – seek help and don’t put yourself in a position to be tempted.

Get a block on your internet, don’t hang out in bars, or go to casinos. I realize alcohol is a part of our heritage, but it has left a path of destruction. I do not know an Aryan family that has not been hurt by alcohol or drugs. Most of the time when people make bad choices with life long consequences, it is under the influence of a mind altering substance. It’s not worth it. We must take the good from the past and leave the bad behind!

2. We must all have a good work ethic. Get a job or start a business. We cannot be free if we are dependent on others. We must strive to be as independent as possible and not to be slaves to Jewish interest. It is a real challenge learning to live in this world and be a force for God and not getting sucked into it. We cannot conquer and subdue this planet unless we can master it. Yet so many Aryans start achieving and accomplishing good things and they get side tracked into the “American” materialistic culture. We must live simply and use our successes to bless our Aryan cause and its people. If people were more unselfish, then there would be less of a need for things like welfare. The poor will always be with us, but we must learn to truly help them in a way that uplifts them and doesn’t bring us down.

3.Learn to work professionally even with people we personally don’t like. We cannot overcome the divisiveness on our movement until we can learn to work constructively with others for the common good and learn to compromise on unimportant things without abandoning our values. However, we must never compromise our values for the so-called sake of unity. Often it is best to just do your thing and let them do theirs. Unity doesn’t always have to mean pursuing the same goals or organizing events together. It often means pursuing the path you feel God has directed you upon and letting the others pursue the path they feel led upon. If either is not truly following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ – it will be shown in the fruits of their labor or lack thereof.

4. If you are single – you must learn emotional and sexual self control and seek a spouse with Christian character. It is better to be alone than shacked to someone who drags you down. And the time to make that decision is before you are married, not after.

Don’t play games with God’s power of creation and risk bringing an Aryan soul into this world without its birthright of an intact home with two loving parents. It’s sad, we are raising a whole generation of Aryan boys who have no Dad to show them how to be a Godly man. And Aryan girls are so desperate for the love of a father they run at an early age into the arms of some creepy guy looking for “love.” Then – they make babies without a real Dad in the picture and the sorrow continues in the next generation. Shame on young men who feel it is a game and somehow “manly” to play with a young girls heart to attain sexual gratification for themselves. It is not a girl’s sole responsibility to maintain purity and to reach the marriage alter untarnished. Parents must not support a double standard in their household. God expects young men to live a chaste and moral life as well as young women. It is not Biblical for a young man to “sow his oats” with girls he purports to “love” and then look for a “nice” girl to marry. Fathers must be diligent regarding this training of a son.

I know a lot of people have not been taught properly, but we have to make a decision to set an example and make the personal sacrifice necessary to stop carrying on the sins from the past. No matter what mistakes we have made in the past we can move forward and God will help us improve and turn it into a blessing.

If you have children you don’t have custody of – get involved in their lives. No matter how difficult your relationship is with an ex – do all you can to be a positive example. Move close by, get visitation, pay and do not resent child support lest your children think you resent them. Be a role model in any way possible. Don’t abandon them and move on to new relationships that further take you away from them. Your primary responsibility once you chose to have sex and became a parent is your children – ahead of your own personal happiness or loneliness. Don’t attempt to blend families unless it is in your children’s best interest and desire to do so. Your children need you – even if they are too hurt or angry to show.

Don’t give up on them!

5. When you do marry and start a family, learn to love your family unselfishly and encourage them to be their best. As a recent article in The Crusader so excellently describes – create a home that is a refuge from this alien culture. Move to a rural area if at all possible where the majority of people are still white and some values from 40-50 years ago still exist. But don’t let down your guard. Your children are being targeted by those who hate our values- no matter where we live.

Fill your home with an uplifting atmosphere. Get rid of your TV antennae and rent good movies that the family can enjoy together such as Lord of the Rings. However, be careful not to shut them off from the world. They need some exposure – under your guidance – so that as they mature into adults they have the training to make their own positive choices and to teach those to their children.

Put a screen on the internet, listen to great music, put great artwork on the walls. Spend your time together having fun cooking homemade meals, playing games, planting a garden or reading wonderful Aryan children’s literature and making joyful memories that your children will want to pass on.

Spend a little time alone with yourself each day reading the mighty works of our Aryan heroes – and do not neglect the Bible. Develop a personal relationship with Christ so He will guide you and give you strength to be a force for good in your family and this world and emerging Kingdom of God.

Keep your marriage together and learn to be patient, tolerant and forgiving with your loved ones. Serve them and set a quiet example they will want to follow. Remember, that even though married – husband and wife are still brothers and sisters in Christ and are to uplift and serve one another. There is absolutely no room in a marriage for selfishness.

As Aryans we must home school our children or find a decent private school for them even if it means having a smaller house, selling a car, or getting rid of luxury items. The public school system is a disaster now that it is out of the control of Christians. Our children are counting on us to be the parents – their leaders. We must protect our little ones from alien destructive influences and teach them the truth. Do not think an hour or two of positive influence can out do thousands of hours of anti-white – anti- Christian influence forced upon your children every year in the public school and prevalent in secular culture.

Help them understand at a very young age the importance of their racial heritage. A child’s foundational beliefs are formed by the age of six. By this age a child should have a love for God and Race – not to be mixed by hatred, but rather an extreme recognition and appreciation for the diversity of God’s creation and the leadership authority vested in the white race – God’s children.

After they have a solid comprehension of their heritage and the importance of appreciating the special relationship their people have with God, we can then gradually introduce them into activities such as scouts, community sports, and service organizations and teach them to understand, love and help their Aryan brothers and sisters – and encourage them to become leaders for good. Remember, whoever our children spend the most time with, become their peer groups and role models. I know some incredibly close, loving home schooling families who are forces for good. Its exciting to see the miracles God is performing.

We have a daunting task before us. But God knows he has given us an extremely difficult, complicated mission. I have seen His hand in history, and I see little miracles everyday. He loves His people so much He came to earth and walked among us and sacrificed Himself for us – to redeem His people.

He will preserve His people. But we will not see the final and complete victory until His return. It is our decision if we will choose to do our part in His battle, and try to teach and encourage our people on to greatness. Please make the right decision.