There are so many times when when many of us feel like giving up. We awaken to the realization that our people are in trouble and we want to shout it to the world. But what is crystal clear to us is often a foreign concept to those we talk with. You wish to convey your feelings and beliefs to your husband or wife, to your son or daughter, parent, grandparent, neighbor, or co-worker. However, they remain in their comfort zone and despite a vague feeling that all is not right in America or other white nations around the world, they just don’t get it. You may think to yourself, “It’s no use”, or “I’ve tried, done my best, and nothing has changed!”

“Son of man, can these bones live?” And I answered,
“O Lord God, Thou knowest” (Ezekiel 37:3).

This is the way God’s people felt in the Babylonian exile. The people had sinned and could see no hope. Fortunately for them, God sent them a leader who could warn them of the judgments to befall them. He also brought them hope.

Ezekiel had a vision of the dry bones in the Valley of Jezreel, symbolic of the dried-up vision and hope of the people. Ezekiel told the nation that they had brought their problems on themselves by turning from the glory and word of God. But, the dry bones would come together and live again.

While we often become discouraged, we must remember that the battle is not ours, but belongs to God. We are only his tools and missionaries. It is our duty to plant the seed and God will reap the harvest.

America appears to be on a collision course with total destruction and our efforts often seen futile. Yet, let us not forget that God will use these trials to test us and our endurance. He wants men and women who won’t lose faith in him. He wants men and women who won’t give up on their children and their future. He wants men and women who are willing to stick it out despite the slander, ridicule, name calling, and senselessness perpetrated by those who hate Jesus Christ and the gospel. The one thing we must never ever do is give up and quit on our race, faith, and nation.