by Ruth Coffey

On May 5, 1997, Mahathir Bin Mohamad, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, advocated the “flooding of developed countries with millions of migrants if globalization fails to improve the lot of poor nations.”

This is the same guy who in March of 1998 was reported to have rounded up and refused admittance to 5,000 illegal aliens who were waiting along Sumatra’s borders hoping to enter and find jobs. In one of his speeches, which to my knowledge was never published in America’s press, Mahathir declared:

“We do have the ultimate weapon. People are more mobile now. They can go anywhere. In a borderless world we can go anywhere. If we are not allowed a good life in our countries, if we are going to be global citizens, then we should migrate north. We should migrate north in our millions, legally or illegally. masses of Asians and Africans should inundate Europe and America. If there is any strength that we have, it is in the numbers. Three fourths of the world is either black, brown, yellow or some combination of these. We will make all nations in the world rainbow nations.”

Terrifyingly, Mahathir’s goal of using people as the ultimate weapon against America is shared by our own government….as is his goal of eliminating whites by forming “rainbow nations.” If you don’t believe me, ask Congressman Phil Crane (R-IL), who was quoted as saying, “The United States could take in all of China and Russia and still have room for immigrants.” Or Senator Mike DeWine (R-OH), who urges us to “Do the right thing, do what is consistent with the history of this country so that people who are oppressed will be welcomed with open arms!” A head count of the rest of the 535 members of Congress would find that this lunacy is shared by all or most of our “elected traitors.”

How else does one explain why millions of American citizens have been contemptuously ignored.

In closing, I urge my readers not to dismiss foreign despots and home grown traitors as spewers of rhetoric. There is indeed a conspiracy to destroy America by means of ethnic saturation, with our own country’s president as commander-in-chief and our Congress his war council!