By Rachel Pendergraft

We are excited over all of the great things happening to The Knights, but namely, we are pleased to have so many outstanding Klansmen and Klanswomen associating with this dynamic crusade. Some have referred to the start of spring as also the beginning of “Klan season”. HQ always sort of chuckles when we hear someone mention the start of “Klan season”. We didn’t know there was a particular season of the year when it was more important than any other to spread the good news of White Christian Revival. Actually, we know what they are referring to when they mention “Klan season”. They are talking about that time of year when the weather warms up, and they have some rallies. They mean well and so we shouldn’t and aren’t judging any racialist group who is getting ready to start their season.

The Reason Why

However, it is because of that very reason, that we are continually so impressed with the quality of our associates. Spring, summer, winter, and fall, as the song goes.. You’ll be there. Time is precious to all of us and throughout the entire year you busy yourself with promoting The Knights and this important cause. You see yourself as a missionary, entrusted with an important truth to share with your brothers and sisters. You won’t quit. And you won’t give up. You want them to know you’ll be there to offer hope.

From the North to the South, the East to the West, The Knights is sending the message clear as a bell. We are fed up with anti-white and anti-Christian discrimination and sentiments.

Everyday Klansmen and Klanswomen throughout America and in many of our sister white nations, are letting their communities know that there is a political alternative in their midst. For those who want to go beyond simple one on one tactics, we encourage you to work with us to coordinate a media campaign in your area. Our staff is experienced in working with the media. Even just one person can work with HQ to get their city to focus on the issues of white rights. Of course, no one ever said the community leaders will like talking about The Knights and they will very likely have some negative comments to make about the movement in general. However, as Christian soldiers it is our duty to endure harsh words and even actions, in order to continually be able to express our love for our people. We should never do or say anything that could place a wedge between them and our message. The media campaign gets everyone talking about The Knights and anyone can contact us a number of different ways in order to find out the facts for themselves. Never mind what the media says the public looks to us when they ask questions. People are already interested in our causes whether they are pro or con. The media is one way to send a homing signal to our people. It can point them in the right direction – to The Knights.

Example: Stoughton, Massachusetts

We will use the town of Stoughton Massachusetts as an example. It is a small town outside of Boston. Their community news is reported on by local media markets, but also by media agencies in Boston. Millions of people receive news either from television, radio, or newspaper. If an item is picked up, there are millions of individuals, who will see, read, or listen to it.

After being contacted by associates in Stoughton, the national office set to work to coordinate a media campaign. HQ of course doesn’t do all the work. They’re just the coaches for the team. All the team players work hard to promote The Knights.

Several weeks into the media campaign, HQ had given dozens of interviews to news teams in the Boston area. Contacts were made, (as surprisingly not all reporters are leftist brutes) and community leaders are bashing The Knights. We don’t really mind being talked about by sell-out politicians or so-called leaders of the community. As the saying says, “You can tell a lot about a man by his enemies.” When homosexual community leaders speak out against The Knights, FANTASTIC. When, so-called spokespersons for the “family” speak against The Knights because we oppose their crazy comparison of family and abortion, GREAT. When preachers who allow interracial couples into their congregation begin badmouthing The Knights. WONDERFUL. We should expect to be hated and vilified by the enemies of Christianity and wear it as a badge of honor. This is not to say that we should act like lunatic hate mongers. We are only blessed when our work is based upon love and not hate. We never know when the Lord may use us to turn another away from sin and back to Him – we must always consider our words and actions.

What They Must Know

This is what people find out when they contact us as a result of a media campaign. For the first time, they get the truth and nothing but the truth all expressed in a Christian manner. However, don’t be surprised when many people do not join. We have done our job with that person – It is up to the Lord after that. Some people don’t have a change of mind until years later. For some reason they’ll be thinking about white rights and the general claims made by white rights activists. What image will they have in their mind? Will it be a hateful cartoon put out by a “racialist” group or a picture of a Klansman and a noose they saw on some obscure “klan” page? Or will it be a website, newsletter, or video that talked about love of heritage. To earn the respect of a person requires civility in words and deeds. Some times those in the movement want gang style respect – which is what you get when someone is scared of you. We don’t want our white brothers and sisters to fear us – we want them to love us. When that distinction is made – we will have won a major victory!

He Will Direct Them

Their newspaper and city leaders may tell the people in our example city of Stoughton one thing, but they also have an avenue to learn the truth. And God will direct those who are ready – to us. Because of the work of a few, millions of people in the entire Boston area get a chance to learn about their heritage and the fight for their children’s rights. The Knights campaign was even named Top Story of 2001 by local papers. Thanks to their efforts, even after a year and a half into a statewide media campaign, we continue to engage the media in discussion – allowing so many to seek us out further.

Example: Moberly, Missouri

Moberly, Missouri is another city similar to Boston. Members in that area created such a stir several years ago with a media campaign, that we still receive calls from the press in a tri-state area. Moberly, like many areas, saw the NAACP and ADL march into town outraged that The Knights would dare to pass out a piece of literature, fax a press release, or leave some cards in businesses. (Aren’t they so tolerant)? The ADL has developed a special program called No Place To Hate, to combat The Knights and such media campaigns. Are we doing a good job of reaching our people? Yes we are and those who hate us know it.

Greensboro, South Carolina

Recently in South Carolina, The Knights coordinated a media campaign with a local recruiter. He ordered 4 VHS copies of Why The Knights? And on the designated day mailed them to the 4 main area libraries including 2 university libraries. HQ did their thing and then was able to give interviews to the local press as a result. T. V. Stations conducted on-line public opinion polls asking, “Should the public libraries accept the videos by The Knights Party.” 74% said yes! This does not mean necessarily that they all agreed with our beliefs, but had they felt hatred toward us, they would not have even agreed to our right of freedom of speech. Did a lot of people join? No. But remember that isn’t the goal. The goal is public recognition and voting booth support. Those who join are men and women who have an attitude of leading, not merely following. They want to be as vocal as possible with their friends, neighbors and family. Voting booth supporters, are those who we can count on toward the end of the struggle not throughout it. We know when it comes down to it, they will vote the right way or in some other way stand for their beliefs. They are just too comfortable right now. We shouldn’t look down on these types of people; they just don’t feel the urgency of the hour as you do.

You Never Know

You never know whom you will touch in your efforts for The Knights. One individual contacted Pastor Robb after he happened to be passing through Greensboro on a trip from another state. As he ate lunch with his family at a local McDonalds he read an article about The Knights on the front page of the paper. It was about the efforts to donate an informational DVD to the libraries. When he returned home he called The Knights right away. It turns out he is a minister with a congregation of over 150 people. He always wondered about white rights and the beliefs we have regarding traditional values, but he had never come into contact with anyone associated with such an organization. He is giving information to those in his church and is studying diligently all the things he was never taught in seminary such as the sin of miscegenation and the special relationship the white race has with Jesus Christ. Given time, who knows what great things he, his family, or some of those in his church may do for white Christian revival.

So Much We Can DO

There is so much each one can do to support The Knights and our mission. You will learn more about this in The Knights Party Primer. Even if you are in the educational phase of membership and working toward Knight status, you are doing something for your people. You are learning the core of our beliefs, our agenda, program, etc. As each day passes you are being equipped to answer questions and to explain our beliefs to others. You are realizing how important being a good parent, wife, husband, sister or brother, is to the overall advancement or our movement and are committed to becoming a better Christian.

We are in a sort of marathon. From generation to generation we fight and struggle to improve our existence and to maintain our Bible truths. We want to pass them on to others. So we study, we pray, we talk to others, we pass out some literature or cards, and we support our movement’s spokesmen. Everything we do is important. It is either important because its a small yet positive effort and it helps our cause. Or, it is important because in some small way it hinders our cause. The others on our team in the marathon are counting on us. When associates in Massachusetts do a good job, we all benefit. Whether its Moberly, Greensboro, New York, California, or across the sea to our ancestral homelands, we all depend on one another. But, we must remember this marathon isn’t seasonal. It’s all year round, day in and day out. Get ready, Set, GO