A Census Bureau report out recently shows more mothers are returning to the labor force within a year of giving birth. However, despite popular opinion, many of these women aren’t spending 40 hours a week in a down town office. They are working from their home. This is seen as good news to many Conservative moms who view this as akin to the return of the cottage industry.

 The cottage industry or small business run from the home equaled with the free enterprise system catapulted the nation in its early years to be the wealthiest in the world. It wasn’t until the alarming rise in big business and booming corporations of the 20’s and the subsequent world wars that women were forced for the first time to choose between working at home and working for someone else. Women’s lives, the family’s financial status, and the independence of the nation were all improved upon when women and men were able to work from the home. It was often a family enterprise and taught valuable lessons to the children of the home.

We live in an age despite its apparent doom and gloom, which is beginning to be blessed by God. Technology is a gift of God as have been all of the advances the genius of the white race has brought to the world. Our people yearn for the independence and self-sufficiency that the family farm once brought to us for years and some have thought that was only history. But due to the benevolence of Christ the dream of this lifestyle can become the norm.

Even though the headlines shout out on a daily basis how difficult times are and continue to remind us that there are extreme economic woes upon our society, and the world, this is the time to push ahead.  This is the time to put family first and with that type of attitude we can lift ourselves up economically – perhaps not as a nation – but certainly as racially conscious families.