Anti-Sharia Nationwide Marches

June 9, 2017 Staff 0

Knights Party Associates volunteer to march with Act for America against Sharia Law on June 10th. While The Knights Party doesn’t necessarily agree with all of the talking points of Act for America; they believe in a religious pluralism, LGBTQ rights, and that at its core, Islam is a peaceful religion, we do nevertheless agree that Sharia law MUST NOT be allowed to permeate America and our court system. Already, Sharia law has been utilized in numerous court proceedings. It is anti-family, anti-woman, anti-Christian, anti-American, and anti-Children. Learn more by watching today’s White Resistance News at AltRightTV.com March Locations: ARIZONA […]


Harrison, Arkansas Proclaims June Confederate History and Heritage Month

May 30, 2017 Staff 0

Harrison, Arkansas has been called the most racist town in America by those who hate white Christian America. The slur is an attempt to silence people in the small Arkansas town. The Knights Party, with its national office in Boone County, outside of Harrison proper, and its national directer Thomas Robb, have been the focus of national and international news stories for close to forty years. Occasionally small “task forces” have been organized in Harrison in order to “redeem” the alleged sullied reputation of Harrison. However, rather than bringing disdain upon the city and county, the long established presence and […]


Pro Christian – Anti Marxist Demonstration to be Held in Harrison, AR

May 26, 2017 Staff 0

The Redneck Revolt, a Marxist styled organization that is in alliance with Black Lives Matter, LaRaza, and other anti-white, anti-American, and anti-Christian organizations originally planned a protest in Harrison, Arkansas in response to the Klan and the Faith and Freedom conference sponsored by The Knights Party. They subsequently cancelled. However, many area residents are still sickened by this attempted anti-Christian invasion of Harrison. Harrison is a wonderful town with upright citizens, family values, and friendly people. On May 27th, the League of the South is sponsoring a demonstration. They will be joined by many concerned patriots including supporters of The […]