Note: This piece below is from a sermon given by Justin D. Fulton, a Boston minister. He wrote this in 1869.  He was a staunch supporter of full equal rights for blacks and whites – but not for women. We hold that white women should always hold a position beside white men. Non whites should never have authority over white women. Not only does Rev. Fulton not understand the proper relationship to be had between white men and women, but he furthermore is sadly uneducated regarding the Bible and its view of the white race.


Woman as God Made Her

Woman is not naturally a law-maker. Even in our homes she-desires the head of the house to lay down the law. Never shall I forget the influence exerted by the utterance in a convention of Sabbath school teachers. A paper was read, complaining that in a certain Sabbath school there was a lady superintendent, because no man could be found to take the place. In conclusion, the writer said, “We need a man in our town. We have things that wear pantaloons, but we need a man, to give direction to the school, and to attract the nobler and better portion of community.” It was an honest declaration, and voiced a truth. Every town, every Sabbath school, every home, needs a man. Women of talent have tried to figure in politics and in the pulpit, but a sorry figure they have made of it.

Think of Miss Anthony and Mrs. Stanton in the train of George Francis Train, perambulating the country in favor of the ballot in Kansas. These are the leaders; but let it not be forgotten that they sided against the ballot for the negro in hopes of getting it for themselves, and proved their utter worthlessness and untrustworthiness by trailing the banner committed to their keeping in the slime of a convention which went for the repudiation of the national debt, the defeat of the party of progress, and for the overthrow of republican liberty. Had woman possessed the ballot, and had the course pursued by the leaders of this movement exercised an influence over the majority, this wonderful victory over the rebellious spirits of the land had not been achieved; but, in its stead, the stars and bars would have resumed their sway, and the stars and stripes, which now kiss the breeze, and greet the rising hopes of uncounted millions, would have been furled in gloom and night.

It is claimed that the ballot will secure for woman social respect. The claim is not well founded. Those who seek it lose social respect, because they step out of the path marked out for them by Providence and by Nature. Woman, in her sphere, is man’s good angel and helpmeet; out of it, she man’s bitterest foe and heaviest curse.

Much is said against amalgamation, as though it were a crime. There is no crime in it or about it. There is much of prejudice, but no crime. Soul marries soul. If a white man loves the soul of a black woman, there is no law in God’s code forbidding the union. God made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on all the face of the earth. Complexions may differ, owing to climate, or temperament, but the blood is the same. The race has a common Father in God.

In this intermingling of races, coming to this land from all climes, we perceive the seedling of a glorious hope. The future American is to be the product of this blending of the distinctive features of all the various nations of earth.

Against this result there is an immense amount of prejudice, born of slavery; but in Europe it does not exist, nor is it in fact so universal in this land as many suppose. Many a white man has found his helpmeet in a black woman, and many more will find helpmeets from the same source.