On Jan. 31, 1977 Coretta Scott King obtained a federal court order sealing 845 pages of FBI records about her husband for 50 years “because its release would destroy his reputation!” Many people contend that there is important information within this sealed file that should be made available to the public. The court says the file is of little importance, yet others claim that if that is indeed true, why withhold the information from the public.

The order to “bug” King was made by then U.S. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy on Oct. 10, 1963. Before the files were finally sealed – some of the information was leaked and corroborated by associates of King. These statements are included in Congressional Records, which are available to the public. What we do know about King is so shocking that it is hard to believe there is actually more – but the files remain closed – even to the media.

King was affiliated with over 60 Communist groups (Congressional Record May 29, 1968 pg. E4785)

The Washington Observer Newsletter reported that “When the FBI agents had King under surveillance, they observed him meet a well-identified Soviet espionage agent at the Kennedy Airport in New York. They also secured evidence that King was receiving large sums of money from a well-known American Communist agent who gives King instructions that he implicitly obeys.” (Congressional Record April 11, 1968 pg. E3005)

When the government raided the Southern Conference Educational Fund (labeled by the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee as “a communist transmission belt for the South.”) a check was found made out to Martin Luther King, Jr.– it was endorsed for cashing – the signatures on the check are those of James Dombrowski and Benjamin Smith (registered agent of Fidel Castro), both were identified Communist agents and the check is noted to be for “New York Expenses” The check was dated March 7, 1963

The Tennessean newspaper printed a photo of King on Labor Day weekend 1957 seated next to Abner Berry, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and writer for the Communist paper The Daily Worker, Aubrey Williams, Communist Party organizer and Myles Horton, director of the Communist Highlander Folk School located in Monteagle Tennessee. Rosa Parks was also a student of the Communist training school.

King often spoke of love. However, after becoming enraged with a woman (one of several involved in a sex party) he became very violent, hitting and cursing, knocking her across the bed. (Ralph Abernathy, And the Walls Came Tumbling Down (New York: Harper &Row 1989)

King was involved in illicit homosexual unions – Carl Rowan, a black syndicated columnist was outraged when he had learned about the bugging of King’s hotel rooms and that there was “at least 15 reels of tape about sexual entertainment and conversations between King and Abernathy that might lead to the conclusion that there was a homosexual relationship between the two ministers.” (Breaking Barriers: A Memoir by Carl Rowan – Boston: Little, Brown, and Company 1991) he blamed the bugging on Hoover until learning it was actually done at the urging of Bobby Kennedy. Tony Brown, a black talk show host, described in his book The Worst Kind of Uncle Tom, a reported instance between King and Abernathy . Using black street slang, King asks Abernathy to move closer so that oral sex can be performed. (We won’t print the actual quote)

At the Riverside Church in New York City on April 4, 1967, King said that U.S. servicemen serving in Vietnam were “like Nazis” and that U.S. servicemen were “the greatest purveyors of violence in the word today!” This statement disgraces all servicemen – white or black. Life Magazine of April 21, 1967 described King’s speech as a “a demagogic slander that sounded like a script for Radio Hanoi!”

King supported Red China’s admission to the UN and said that Americans should “not engage in a negative anti-communism.” (Congressional Record May 2, 1967 p. H4973)

Communists in the U.S. were told to rally behind King. The U.S. Congressional Record of March 30, 1965 quotes Karl Prussian, a FBI counterspy inside the Communist Party. “At all of these Communist Party meetings Rev. Martin Luther King was always set forth as the individual to whom Communists should rally around.”

King used the word non-violence, but wherever he went violence ensued. King wrote: “The purpose of our direct action program is to create a crisis packed situation. We who engage in non-violent direct action are not the creators of tension. – Negroes will be mentally healthier if they do not suppress rage.” In Chicago he spoke before the West Side Club under a sign which read “Burn Baby Burn”

In New York City King threatened a young female civil rights worker. If she did not have sex with him – he would jump from the 13th floor of the hotel and in Norway King was nude when stopped by police while chasing a young woman down a hotel corridor.

Upon the death of King, Henry Winston, National Chairman of the Communist Party, USA led a six men delegation to the funeral of King. The Soviet Union sent messages of sympathy as well. Memorial meetings took place all over the Soviet Union: factories, halls, and theaters – even Moscow University. Waldeck Rochet, general secretary of the French Communist Party sent his regards and Poland’s Communist paper the Worker sent condolences to Corretta King. William Patterson, secretary of the Negro Department of the Communist Party, USA sent a telegram to Coretta King, wishing her the best: “Tonight we will join with all progressive mankind in expressing the deep pain and anguish at the monstrous assassination of your illustrious husband.” Also in the Worker along with the article about the telegram was an article entitled, “Dr. King’s Legacy – ‘FULFILL IT! COMMUNISTS DEMAND.” What was it they wish to fulfill? The New York Post of July 1, 1958 interviewed King whom stated: “I’m sure that integration will lead to intermarriage.” William Z. Foster head of the Communist Party in the 1940’s stated in his book, Toward a Soviet America, “The American Soviet will, of course, abolish all restrictions upon racial intermarriage…. The revolution will only hasten this process of integration.”

Congressman Buchanan, speaking before the House, promulgated who benefited from King’s assassination: “The hand that gunned down Martin Luther King served the world Communist cause well, and no other cause I know”. Certainly, the people who hold those Communist/Socialist/ one world order/beliefs did benefit from Kings death by the acceptance of their views by more people in society.

This is not the type of man that any child of any race should hold high as a hero. The files are not to be opened until the year 2027. By this time, will America become so degenerate as to not care about his slander of our military, his anti-women behavior, his ‘secret’ homosexual lifestyle, and his subversive actions toward America and its traditions of Christian decency? We can only pray that America will not succumb to such anti-American notions. Yet, by promoting King as a hero to the youth of America without allowing them the truth of his character – we actually end up ushering in this type of mentality sooner. Unseal the files now and let Americans judge for themselves – Martin Luther King Jr. Hero or Traitor? – We believe the latter.