Most people believe the major concern of the Klan is to “put the Negroes back into their place.” They believe this because it is the type of propaganda they have seen in newspapers, TV, movies and comic books. Its’ hard to believe, but in this high tech age there are still people who think the Klan is a bunch of backward, uneducated, ignorant social misfits with tobacco juice slobbering out of the corner of their mouth while ranting about “them niggras.”

Nothing could be further from the truth, Dr. James Aho, a sociology professor with the University of Idaho stated that this was the same opinion he had when he began the research for his book. His research included interviewing hundreds of people who are either members or supporters of the Klan. What he discovered is that the average Klansman and Klanswoman is better employed and better educated than the norm of society.

During the first years of the Klan, Southerners faced thousands of recently freed Negroes who brought chaos to the safe and peaceful society which had earlier existed in the South. But the enemy was not the Negro, it was the federal troops that occupied the South during reconstruction. Therefore, the Klan focused its attention toward the federal troops and worked to free themselves from the grip of tyranny which came at the point of Yankee bayonets. The hatred was so intense for these Yankee troopers that many a young man grew to adulthood thinking “damn Yankee” was one word.

This is an historical fact. So it is today, while the Klan is certainly against interracial marriage of our people with any non-White (Jews, Negroes, Mexicans, Asians, Middle Easterners etc.) it must be understood that this and many other national sins can only be cured by a return to the laws of our God as prescribed in II Chron.7:14. By so doing our people can once again lawfully regain control of the federal government which today serves as the tyrant which is forcing our people into accepting race-mixing, abortion, homosexuality, secular humanism, gun control and other acts that will bring destruction and enslavement to our people.

It is imperative that we direct our efforts toward the source of White oppression which is seeking to smother us under a shroud of ignorance and bigotry. We must keep in mind and realize it is not the ghetto Negro, but the politicians in the federal government that have placed us under economic bondage to the privately owned Federal Reserve Corporation. It is not the ghetto Negro, but the federal government that has created the economic chaos which forces our people to work four and a half months each year to pay taxes. It is not the Negro, but the federal government which gave away the American canal in Panama. It is not the Negro, but the federal government which allows the flow of illegal aliens into America. it is not the Negro that is allowing America to be bought by foreign countries like Japan, but is is the federal government who refuses to enact laws that would protect American industry and the American worker. And remember if you or your children attend an integrated school, or if you live in an unsafe integrated neighborhood, it is because the federal government has put them there!

Negroes and other non-Whites would have no power to enforce physical and economic treachery and terror upon us if the federal government was FAITHFUL to the constitution as entrusted to it by the founding fathers.

The social and economic problems which exist in America today are simply the reflection of a greater corruption and calamity that is thriving at the heart of the federal government. It should be looked upon with “Judicial Notice” that those in which we have placed our trust have betrayed their contract with the American people.

We LOVE the government given to us by the founding fathers. We love the constitution, the Republic and Old Glory, but those who rule as Republicans or Democrats have twisted the laws to suit their own greed, to please the internationalists, and to buy votes by promising to keep intact programs which unfairly promote minority interests over white interests.

We have the greatest form of government that has ever existed on Earth. It is great because it was founded on White European ideas of freedom and liberty and based upon the Bible and precepts of Christianity. We are NOT anti-government. This government of the United States of America is the finest system ever. What we are opposed to are those men and women who are working to destroy our White Christian form of government from within. We love our country and we intend on seeing her on a firm foundation once again!