Around the globe, Christians are on the defensive as never before. The classic title, “Foxes’ Book of Martyrs”, accurately portrays the horrific crimes against the early Christians. We remember the apostles who suffered beatings, stonings, and squeamish deaths. And what about the early followers of Christianity. “Death was not considered enough punishment for the Christians, who were subjected to the cruelest treatment possible. They were whipped, disemboweled, torn apart, and stoned. Plates of hot iron were laid on them; they were strangled, eaten by wild animals, hung, and tossed on the horns of bulls. After they were dead, their bodies were piled in heaps and left to rot without burial. Nevertheless, the Church continued to grow, deeply rooted in the doctrine of the apostles and watered with the blood of the saints.” Every generation of Christians have been under attack. 200 years after the death of Christ, Christians were still being murdered for their beliefs. Foxes’ book tells a moving story of Perpetua who lived in a Roman Province during what is called the 5th Persecution of the Christians.

“Perpetua, a married lady twenty-six years old with a baby at her breast, on being taken before proconsul Minutiusm, Perpetua was commanded to sacrifice to idols. Refusing to do so, she was put in a dark dungeon and deprived of her child. But two of her keepers, Tertius and Pomponius, allowed her out in the fresh air several hours a day, during which time she was allowed to nurse her child.

“Finally the Christians were summoned to appear before the judge and urged to deny their Lord, but all remained firm. When Perpetua’s turn came, her father suddenly appeared, carrying her infant in his arms, and begged her to save her own life for the sake of her child. Even the judge seemed to be moved. ‘Spare the gray hairs of your father, he said. ‘Spare your child, Offer sacrifice for the welfare of the emperor.’

“Perpetua answered, I will not sacrifice.’ Are you a Christian?’ demanded Hilarianus, the judge. ‘I am a Christian,’ was her answer.

“Perpetua and all the other Christians tried with her that day were ordered killed by wild beasts as a show for the crowd on the next holiday. They entered the place of execution clad in the simplest of robes. Perpetua singing a hymn of triumph. The men were to be torn to pieces by leopards and bears. Perpetua and a young woman named Felicitas were hung up in nets, at first naked, but the crowd demanded that they should be allowed their clothing.

“When they were again returned to the arena, a bull was let loose on them. Felicitas fell, seriously wounded. Perpetua was tossed, her robe torn, but she hastened to the side of the dying Felicitas and gently raised her from the ground. When the bull refused to attack them again, they were dragged out of the arena, to the disappointment of the crowd, which wanted to see their deaths. Finally they were brought back in to be killed by gladiators; Perpetua was assigned to a trembling young man, who stabbed her weakly several times, not being used to such scenes of violence. When she saw how upset the young man was, Perpetua guided his sword to a vital area and died.”

That took courage! Let’s not forget all that were burned at the stake during the Reformation. Or the recent wars in which millions of young men and women have died defending Western Civilization.

Christianity and its entire order are under attack. Everyone wants to do what he or she thinks is right in his or her own eyes and no longer give any regard to the tenets of Christianity. To every question in life, an answer can be found in the Bible. However, without ever giving it any consideration, people are dutifully falling in line with Anti-Christ teachings. Weren’t we taught that mankind’s original down fall was the desire to be superior to God.

So what has changed? Man still seeks to choose his own path instead of following God’s path for them. How often do we hear the phrase; “I must choose my own destiny.” Or, “I must follow my destiny.” Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves, “Am I living my life according to God’s will?”

Today, because so many live their lives in direct contrast to God’s will, they soon become susceptible to all types of Anti-Christian teachings. Even many Christians have accepted humanist doctrines without a second thought. The notion that homosexuals or interracial couples are “in love” and love comes from God so it must be okay is gaining ground in even the most fundamental of churches. They are doing what they and the world thinks is right rather than what the Word of God says.

The ultimate key to establishing an anti-Christian one-world government is the destruction of Christianity. Christian teachings must be perverted from their original meanings. Thus we have a pseudo Christianity being taught today. Some more correctly identify it by its current popular term of Judeo-Christianity.

From the time of the tower of Babel, with its roots in Judaism, to 2001, man’s sinful nature has looked toward making man superior to God. The enemies of Christianity readily exploit this weakness in man and so we arrive closer and closer toward a world government. Fine if it was ruled by Jesus Christ, but the government they propose is one in which the elite is obeyed, not God.

Everyday in newspapers and magazines, on television, the Internet, or on radio, a person will be exposed to anti-Christian sentiments. It is very popular, because a new wave of persecutions is at hand. White Christians are the primary targets because they are THE propagators of the Christian faith.

To make fun of Christians is hip and cool. Everyone is quick to poke fun at the traditional family and their Christian conduct. In Kentucky a few years ago, a disturbed student went after and killed members of a school prayer group. At Columbine, 2 teenagers, one who was Jewish, asked students if they were Christians. The yes answer would get them a bullet to the head. In Washington a young mother was shout through the head as she held her infant in her arms. Her only crime was her true Christian faith.

Millions more have been refused the right to pray. Christians are forced to rent to, sell to, employ, or otherwise conduct business with queers and race mixers, despite finding those activities to be abominable.

The United Nations continually works to devise new ways to dismantle the family – perhaps the greatest institution of Christianity. They propose the legalization of prostitution, rights of children to sue parents, right to abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. They want women to give up family and children and take up positions of military combat.

One of the UN’s main concerns is how to increase control of private homes and property when many wives still believe that guardianship of the home and family tops their priorities. The UN is hard at work finding solutions to this problem. One plan allows for massive propaganda campaigns directed toward women to win their support. The rest will be forced to give up their position of domestic reign and guardian of free enterprise, should military draft for women become a reality. The UN’s plans for women and the family are brutal.

While most would agree the family must be protected at all costs, the Church has already bowed to many worldly ideas. Our demise isn’t quick enough for those who hate Christian teachings. In rural areas, towns, cities, and nations; Christians are losing their rights.

Workers in New Mexico and Michigan have been reprimanded for witnessing to their fellow workers during their own time. A man in Virginia was told to leave a bus stop on a public street because he was handing out tracts. A Christian telemarketer in Florida was warned by her employer that she was not allowed to play Gospel CD’s at work even though others were allowed to play their choice of music. In Illinois, school officials have told students that they may not distribute any religious literature on school property. Students around the country are fighting for the right to have Bible clubs at school. And churches are facing bankruptcy and often jail for refusing to give in to state license.

The list could go on ad infinitum. Says, Dr. Ellis, a true Biblical minister, “How is it that all these assaults on our basic, fundamental rights as Christians in a ‘Christian’ society go primarily unnoticed and unchallenged by the ‘average’ Christian today? Have we become so complacent in our experience with a Living God that we are no longer moved by such events?..Because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth..”Rev. 3:16

“The Church in America needs a stirring. I believe we have so digressed from our original purpose that it will require something spiritually catastrophic to bring us to our senses. How many more of our inherit rights will we voluntarily acquiesce to an ungodly system..”

Never the less, while we cite these examples, let us remember that Jesus Christ will have the final say and He assures us that victory shall be ours! Our duty is to remain vigilant and consistent in our calling. We must stand where Jesus stood and never cease in our proclamation of white Christian Revival.