By Rachel Pendergraft

Black History month usually amounts to little more than a month dedicated to exaggerating the mistreatment of Negro slaves in America. A few stock photos of blacks being beaten are circulated over and over again and white students are forced to slink lower into their classroom chair as the awesome guilt weighs heavy on their minds. Compassion is by and large a white racial trait and the injustice of slavery compels white people to accept virtually any abuse- after all don’t they deserve what they get?

Shocking it is then, to learn that Negro slaves didn’t really have it that bad. No, it wasn’t within their power to travel abroad if they wished, (although some did) but then again they weren’t at the mercy of an African witch doctor or head hunter either. But aside from being removed from the savagery of Africa did they benefit at all from their new home?

Robert Fogel a 1993 Nobel Prize winner says yes. Robert Fogel is an economist and a groundbreaking theorist in economic history. He is a teacher with over twenty years at the University of Chicago and six at Harvard. He holds a bachelor’s degree, three master’s and a Ph.D. and a list of his books and papers would be 4 ½ pages long, but he is best known for his book Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro slavery.

The book that Fogel co-authored with Stanley Engerman, has startled historians and has caused an outcry among many for its radical conclusion that slaves were commonly better off than northern free laborers.

Among the examples in the book that establish their assertions:

Black women slaves were allowed maternity leave, were taken well care of and received attentive medical care during the pregnancy. They had one-year maternity leave after the birth of their child. Slaves were not allowed to work while they were sick, even if there were suspicions that the slave was faking it, it was usually considered best to allow the slaves a few days rest rather than take a chance. Slaves were allowed to conduct a home business if they wished to do so and were even allowed to make and sell their wares and crafts in town at the market place. Slaves were also given generous incentive programs and rewarded for their production, such rewards were usually cash bonuses. There was an average retirement age after which the slave was well cared for by the plantation owner and would usually spend time on business or helping with the slave children. Slaves usually lived their whole lives in a close knit “slave community” where they ran their own affairs. Families were rarely split apart and slaves were encouraged to marry as the owners felt that breaking up families was simply poor business – it created unhappy slaves, which would affect production. They even had family garden plots where they were able to raise food for their family. Unlike free Negroes in the North who may have trouble finding a job and providing for their family, Negroes in the south had guaranteed housing, food, clothing, medical care, business opportunities, support after retirement and a bonus program.

Fogel is considered an expert in Cliometrics, a study in which economic theory and quantitative methods are applied in order to explain economic and institutional change.

In Fogel’s study of American slavery, he and co-author Stanley Engerman explored all available sources to examine the workings of slavery. They used the insights of sociology and developed sets of statistics that indicated that slaves were treated far better than northern farm workers and had better food, clothing, shelter, and medical care than their free counterparts and in many cases better than the average urban dweller as late as the 1890’s.

And alas, before we hear the cry of prejudice regarding the study, we point out that Engerman is Jewish and Fogel is married to a black woman.

There IS a Difference!

Whether those who preach with almost religious zeal that all races are created equal like it or not there is no denial that the whole concept of racial equality is rather a recent phenomenon. All the great scholars and researchers of the past were quick to point out the many differences that exist between the White and black races. The Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition, Vol. XIX, page 344 stated, The Negro would appear to stand on a lower evolutionary plane than the white man, and to be more closely related to the highest anthropoids… “Mentally the Negro is inferior to the white. The remark of F. Manetta, made after a long study of the Negro in America, may be taken as generally true of the whole race: ‘the Negro children were sharp, intelligent and full of vivacity, but on approaching the adult period a gradual change set in. The intellect seemed to become clouded, animation giving place to a sort of lethargy, briskness yielding to indolence. We must necessarily suppose that the development of the Negro and the white proceeds on different lines.”

There have been, of course, other scientists who have also pointed out the difference in the Negro and White. The book of Popular Science in their 1931, Vol. 11 edition stated, “The verdict is that the Negro does belong to an inferior race. His brain capacity is poorer, its construction simpler…,” What is meant by this was what ALL geneticists know but are afraid to say, the Negro and white brains are different. Dr. Carlotn Coon, at one time the most widely respected authority states that the White brain weighs 45 ounces on average, while the Negro brain only weighs about 35 ounces. Also the Negro brain has less frontal lobe, fewer convolutions, is round and less compact. The White brain is by far the most developed.

However, the major problem with the White man’s intellect is his great degree of compassion and caring. No other creature cares for nature and the environment the way the White man does. This of course is good and necessary. It allows him to plan for the future, the society his children will live in, to care for his surroundings etc. The dark side of his nature is that this compassion for those “less fortunate” has caused him to try and lift less developed “man” to his status. He has literally taken food, shelter, clothing and the future from his children because he felt sorry for “minorities.” This is why we are always being bombard with attempts by pseudo Christians to help Negroes, illegal aliens, Asians, etc. The list could go on.

Our precious White race must be protected before all is lost. The Christian thing to do is care for your own. The Bible says, “How can you say you love Christ and still hate your own brother.” Our people must love our White brothers and sisters instead of acting hateful by watching our people die at the hands of Negro crime and anti-Christian race mixing.

Note: Despite what you may think – we do not support the idea of slavery. Slavery is outdated and we do not desire a return to it. We must not forget that slavery was an institution started in this country by Jewish slave merchants. Furthermore, we must not forget that whites themselves were held in slavery for many years in other parts of the world. What we take issue with is the idea that blacks alone have suffered and then always at the hands of white people. The only solution is racial separation with each race governing their own affairs. Also, the use of the term “evolutionary” in the encyclopedia’s description of Negro does NOT mean that we believe in evolution. We DO NOT believe in evolution. Neither do we believe that the Negro race is black because of any so-called curse upon the children of Ham – son of Noah – a once popular theory in many churches. We believe that God created each race as we see it today and that NO race evolved from any animal. Each race is unique and has different talents and capabilities. Furthermore, while the scientific data does show a difference in white and black brains – we also recognize that there are some very intelligent blacks and some lesser intelligent whites. However, as a whole, the scientific community has found that blacks as a group – and across the entire spectrum are less capable than whites in the areas of logic, math, and science. This is not meant to denigrate their position, but rather to point out the world wide devastation that would occur should the white race cease to control its own destiny and compromise its gene pool through miscegenation.

Save the Planet – Save the White Race