While some may assume we receive loads of hate mail or crank phone calls, in reality we seldom do. However, recently a well meaning individual wrote to say how narrow minded The Knights was and then included some pointers to help us improve. This person failed to realize that all truth is narrow.

If you have a loan at the bank, you will probably work hard to pay it off. If you owe five thousand dollars you can’t go to the bank with four thousand five hundred dollars and say, “I want to pay off my loan.” The banker will say, “That isn’t enough.” And you might say, “Oh, how narrow. How narrow-minded you are. I’m more liberal than that. You know, I have a broad mind!” That kind of talk doesn’t change the fact that you owe five thousand dollars.

We are in the winter season now and many swimming holes or pools if they haven’t been drained are frozen over. On one of those days you couldn’t saying, “I’m going to take a swim in that lake or pool.” Someone may remind you that it would be impossible. “It’s frozen over” they may say. You wouldn’t tell that person, “Oh, how narrow you are!” Water freezes at precisely 32 degrees. That is how narrow the truth is.

When we say America was founded as a Christian nation, that homosexuality is an abomination, that abortion is murder, etc. we are speaking the truth. A person may not like the truth. A person may feel guilty because of the truth, but it is nevertheless the truth.

Christ says the truth which sets us free is narrow-it is exact and true and trustworthy. The truth never changes. Some may choose to cover and hide the truth and some may be led to believe a lie. However, the facts and truth remain.

To follow the narrow path of righteousness and truth may sound unreasonable to those who shout “Tolerance! Tolerance!” Yet, we must remind ourselves there is one individual in this world who is the master of tolerance. He is broad minded and tolerant indeed. He tolerates murder, racial adultery, homosexuality, lying, cheating, child abuse, trickery, theft, and deceit. He is the most tolerant being in the world and his name is Satan.

As for The Knights, we welcome the label of being narrow minded. It is the opposite of tolerant and we choose not to follow Satan, the master of tolerance, but to follow Jesus Christ, the King of truth, however narrow it may be.