As Christians, we must continually stay on guard in our homes – where the enemy most often attacks. They are looking for new recruits into their new multi- racial, bi-sexual, plastic monetary one world system.

The television has been successfully manipulated and the TV rating system provided for “good parenting” is a joke. Where is the warning sign for interracial relationships in a program, or the warning sign letting you know that a particular program has a homosexual agenda, or the warning sign that says ” continuous watching of this program may result in the rebellion of your teenager against Christian standards.” Modern Family and the Fosters are portrayed as wholesome family shows.

By the time your kids are grown and are faced with the question of providing for your care, will they have become so desensitized as to buy into the theory that old people are useless and those wanting to just hang around are only being selfish. Will you end up as just another statistic of a “life ending procedure”? It’s being promoted in other countries as a logical alternative to the high costs of home health care or nursing home care. After all, proponents argue, what kind of a selfish parent would impose the horrendous financial obligations of elderly care, when they could undergo a simple and “humane” life ending procedure. Their whole family can even be present for the final farewell.

If that sounds disgusting to you it’s because it is. Yet millions of babies are murdered every year by so-called “compassionate” mothers who don’t want to bring another useless life into the world.

Those in the racialist movement should continually strive to monitor their home’s television and internet viewing. America’s future lies in our children and it is our responsibility as parents or future parents to safeguard our children’s mind before ideas of abortion, homosexuality, racemixing, globalism, or euthanasia take root.

Guidelines for safe TV watching.

1. Become familiar with the programming offered.

2.Be realistic. Everything can’t be banned from your home and in a media age it will cause resentment in your children.

3. Use bad programming as examples to your children. Point out references against Christianity or racialist thinking.

4. Visit the library with your children or go on-line and find out who sets the programming, who owns the networks, who buys the commercial time etc. Explain how the personal anti-Christian beliefs of many in the entertainment industry can taint the programming they offer. Know your programmings’ source.

5. Refrain from using racial slurs such as ” that stupid n—-r,” etc. Your children will be given thousands of well rehearsed examples of sophisticated, worldly, intelligent, mis-understood, victimized nonwhites over the television set and upon leaving your nest will come into contact with many different types of people. You must plant the seed of love for their own NOT hatred for others. Some parents may have the misguided idea that raising their children to mimic the stereotyped actions of Hollywood racists is a fool proof plan guaranteeing noble racialist thinking. Such is not the case. Teaching Christian conduct in relation to all people, teaching that we are the real promoters of diversity and showing the fallacy of those who believe that an entire world of mixed “brown” people is somehow diverse, and being a good example yourself of a dedicated, concerned, compassionate, and caring racialist is the best indicator that you will have a well brought up child.

6. Watch television with your children and go on line with them. If you can’t be present such as after school or during school, record the shows and  watch them later for content – discussing any anti-Christian values the show may contain.

7. Let your babysitter know what programming is acceptable and what is not. You should not have to explain, but can give a list of restricted shows. Some shows such as Sesame Street should only be watched with an adult. The makers of children’s programming takes advantage of the fact that many parents use this medium as an electronic babysitter not taking into account that anti-white propaganda is directed at our children from birth and is prevalent in programming for kids.

8. Pay attention to the programming you watch. If your favorite programs contain a lot of sexual content, vulgar language, or graphic violence you are sending mixed signals to your children. A weakening of basic core values nationwide has led to the lenience to overlook homosexuality and racemixing as just someone else’s cup of tea.

9. Be a hero to your children. Involve them in wholesome family activities other than television watching. Read aloud racialist literature, books, leaflets, or tracts to your children and give them simple books to read when they are old enough. Never miss an opportunity to address a propaganda piece in a TV program or to explain why it is being used.

10. Television is NOT bad. Television is a powerful tool that can be used to promote a good agenda or a bad agenda, depending on who foots the bill. It also provides one of the easiest ways in which to monitor the advances of those who oppose us.

Safe television watching and internet use can provide an excellent opportunity to give your children first hand examples of an anti-white and anti-Christian agenda. It will also help fine tune your child’s’ awareness of when something is propaganda and when it is not – an ability that will enable them to be more successful at Christian racialist witnessing in the future.

Remember that as we are told in the bible – all things work together for the glory of those who love God.