By Rachel Pendergraft

Blacks commit 90% of the approximately 1,700,000 interracial crimes of violence that occur in the U.S. each year.

Blacks are so much more likely than members of other races to commit crimes that police may be justified in stopping and questioning them more frequently-just as they stop men more than women and young people more often than old people.

Whites are victims of over half – 50% of the violent crimes committed by blacks. Blacks are the victims of whites in 3% of violent crimes.

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Black Commentator says Liberal Media Ignores Millions of Black on White Hate Crimes!

The above statistics gathered by the New Century Foundation out of FBI reports have been completely ignored by the Liberal media and Conservative talk radio as well. Walter Williams, a well known syndicated black columnist attended the press conference of the New Century Foundation at the Washington National Press Club to report the shocking findings. Walter Williams noted: ” Some of the study’s findings about interracial crime were surprising, so much so that I did an independent verification of the numbers.” He says his research proves the study’s information is correct. He continues to say:

“Regardless of race, criminal violence is despicable and deserving of condemnation. But far more destructive are the official and unofficial attempts to mislead and conceal. Roughly 400 members of the major print and electronic media were invited to the press conference on ‘The Color of Crime.’ Several asked for advanced copies before they’d consider sending anyone. Only 14 reporters stayed for the briefing and only a couple reported on the study, most notably The Washington Times and C-Span. One reporter said that he’d like to write a story but he doubted he could get it by his editor. If the facts were the other way around, everybody from The New York Times and the President to the NAACP, Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus would be shouting about and demanding that something be done.”

My friends, the truth is out there and the fact is there is an ongoing race war in the country and white men, women, and children, are the victims. Some mistakenly belief that acts of violence against whites are justified because of past slavery. But the raping of your wife, daughter or sister and the robbery and assault or murder of your son, brother, father or husband has nothing to do with slavery hundreds of years ago. Blacks still enslave other Blacks in Africa, but who is most often the victim of their savagery – white families butchered by the thousands.

Even now, as you are reading this, white children in any part of the world are being mauled, tortured, raped, and murdered! Ahhh- power in the hands of Negroes – Isn’t equality great? Brothers and sisters, remember, though you may have as yet been personally untouched by the race war against whites – It is only a matter of time before your friend, loved one, or neighbor is at their mercy.

The government’s leaders have betrayed you and refuses to defend white Christians. While world wide, white people are a minority –11%-they still remain a slim majority in the U.S. But please ponder-

If you think you have problems with non-whites now – Just wait until they are the majority!

Profile of a Hate Crime
By Brandon W.

According to the NAACP and the ACLU, a hate crime is defined by any crime committed by a white person against a minority. According to this definition any crime committed by a minority against a white person, regardless of the viciousness of the crime, cannot be called a “hate’ crime. Although there is a much higher rate of black on white crime then there will ever be of white on black crime. I can think of two particular cases where a group of blacks attacked whites and the crimes were never reported by the media as “hate” crimes.

One case involved my cousin, Mike. Mike was working as a window washer. He was washing the windows of a local convenience store when a group of four black juveniles, looking for money to go out partying with came to the store and demanded money from both him and the store clerk. The clerk’s husband had just taken the daily proceeds to the bank. When she told them this, two of the blacks shot her point blank with a .357. She was shot 8 times in the chest and stomach. She survived the attack but her unborn baby didn’t.

He then demanded money from Mike. He gave them his wallet and when they only found $28 inside, the other two unload their weapons into him. He was shot 12 times through his upper body. Mike survived for 6 months after the attack. He finally died as a result of the damage the bullets did to his body and the 6-month ordeal trying and then failing to recover. The f

The four blacks were caught later that night, but because none of them were over the age of 18, they were tried as juveniles and only spent 3 yeas in a juvenile detention center for their crime.

Another is a case that I read about in the paper when I was stationed in Tennessee with the army. . A group of blacks kidnapped a white elderly couple one Sunday after church. They took the couple out into a remote area, had them get on their knees and then shot them both in the back of their heads, execution style. Witnesses had seen some blacks going into the home but thought nothing at the time. When the police investigated, they found that the couple had not been robbed and their car was still at the scene. The blacks were never found and the media never reported this case as a ‘hate crime.”

Both of these cases were extremely vicious crimes committed against whites, by blacks. Yet neither one of them were considered to be “hate” crimes. Even though it is apparent that these crimes were motivated by their hatred for whites.

Where were Jesse Jackson and his Coalition when these crimes were committed? Are white victims just not as important as black vitas to Jesse Jackson? Evidently not. They will call me a bigot for even asking racial questions, but the victims will never be able to ask questions or speak to their loved ones again and I call that a very hateful thing!