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Dear Sisters,

White women have been used as pawns for the liberal-Marxist establishment for too long. It is time we begin to seriously consider the direction our beloved America is taking. The media attempts to portray the majority of women as being pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, pro-euthanasia, pro-globalism, and pro-immigration. We know this is not true.

They ridicule and demean our white brothers trying to rid them of their natural sense of protection. They fabricate statistics meant to cause women to fear men and promote hostility between the sexes. Admittedly, it has worked to some degree.

However, we must remember who we are. Our mothers, and great grandmothers, and their mothers before them helped to build America. The founding fathers under their mothers watchful care and Christian instruction were raised to be obedient to God, to fight for liberty, to be morally upright, and to stand against tyranny.

Some women may resent being reminded of their capabilities to be a mother. The feminist movement has encouraged women to feel ashamed of this wonderful gift. Women have many talents and in no way is inferior to men, but perhaps brute strength. However, whether we work in the home, outside the home, or both, we can’t escape the course nature has designed for us-motherhood. This is not our only talent. Some women don’t have children, some can’t have children, but women as a whole do have children and whether they are a mother or not, their insight, natural compassion, and love for humanity is needed for any civilized nation to survive.

We must realize our potential in helping to make The Knights a real force in America. We must work side by side in this struggle for the soul of our people. We must not think it is impossible. Women have an enduring strength which must be utilized. We must work harder for our children’s future. We must not listen to the feminist myths, and we must reclaim our position as the daughters of the Republic – America’s future is worth it!


Rachel Pendergraft, National Spokeswoman / Organizer