By Shelby Pendergraft (Youth Member)

The Disney Channel has its good shows and its bad shows. Sadly, most of them promote race mixing and are brain washing the white Christian children of today.

Shows such as, “That’s so Raven” is about a black girl who can see into the future. The “Proud Family” is about a proud black family. (What about a proud White family?) And there is also “Sister Sister” about two black sisters. All of the characters on these programs are proud blacks and they have plenty of white friends and sometimes white boyfriends.

Other shows that really promote race mixing are “Brace Face” and “Fillmore”. There are even shows about witchcraft.

The “Wonderful” World of Disney recently put out a movie called “Mean Girls”. It promotes homosexuality, race mixing, bad language, and unChristian behavior for girls (and boys). Of course, the mean girls in the show are the ones against the wonderful lesbians. And the star of the show’s first crush is a black boy. No doubt her parents encouraged it. (poor girl to have such un-thoughtful parents)

The children that watch these shows will grow up thinking that it is ok to race mix. Some of them will probably date or marry a nonwhite.

Another channel that promotes lots of race mixing and queers is MTV. MTV isn’t supposed to be a kid’s channel. But kids still watch it. Girls kiss girls and boys kiss other boys on it. White girls dance with black boys and white boys dance with Mexican or Asian girls. There is too much grown up stuff on MTV – stuff that even grown ups shouldn’t watch.

The white children of America are our future (and white kids in other countries). We need to teach them what to do and what not to do. Parents can’t ignore them and send them to their room to watch TV. That is where they learn about race mixing and queers. When they grow up they might even do it themselves and moms and dads will wish they had paid more attention to how they raise their kids.

You kids who read this should know that it’s not cool to race mix or to be gay. Just because the TV says everyone is doing it or just because the church or school you go to says we should all mix up, doesn’t mean it’s right. If God wanted us to be all one color or to be gay, He would have made it that way. Think about it next time you watch the lies on TV or the web. You can be smarter than that!