Women are special people. They have much to contribute to the world. Yet, men sometimes wonder what do women want?

First, they want to be accepted. God created them male and female, the Bible says. Women want be regarded as equal in God’s sight and to be viewed as intelligent human beings. No where in the Bible does God not accept women in that way. He sees them as being equally intelligent and valuable.

Second, women want to be loved and understood. Some have heard the remarks, “There’s no way you can understand a woman.” That’s right, in the same way that no woman can completely understand a man. Yet women want to be loved for themselves, and they want the men in their lives to try to understand where they are “coming from,” what their goals and hopes are. If they can’t be understood, they at least want to be loved.

Third, women want to be needed and developed. One reason the feminist movement is so strong is that many women do not feel they are needed, or that their talents are being developed. The influence of male dominated Judaism has been devastating to women, which regard “women’s work” as lesser in value than “man’s” work. In order to feel valuable many have begun to look down on the role of homemaker and mother. Yet, no country can reach and maintain greatness without the pivotal role a Christian mother and homemaker plays.

Women who choose to stay home to be a professional homemaker must receive recognition for the hard work of managing this “enterprise”. Likewise, because of the many “servants” ( dishwashers, electric, running water, etc) women have today which make caring for a home easier, they have much more time to pursue their interests whether it be in medicine, science, music, business, education, etc. The contributions these women make to society must be appreciated as well.

Still, many women don’t choose to go into the work force to hone their talents, but are forced into low paying factory or service jobs because one income isn’t enough to keep the bills paid. But, somehow they care for their home and family in between work shifts. The tremendous stress this causes hurts husband and wife and leads to marital problems and often times divorce. It’s hard to be a glamour girl and super mom after putting in 40+ hours of hard labor.

Women must be accepted for the wonderful talents God has bestowed upon them. They must be viewed as the courageous people they are. They must be loved for the sacrifices they make.

America was founded by white Christian men AND women. White Christian women died on the Mayflower, fought off the Indians, nursed to health fallen soldiers and educated the founding fathers. They deserve our admiration, our devotion, our love and our respect!