by Rachel Pendergraft

There has been a media frenzy during recent months about the involvement of women in the so-called “hate movement” I would like to take this opportunity to discuss a few points that you may or may not be aware of. In addition, I wish to elaborate on The Knights perceived significance of women within the white rights movement in general.


The name ku klux klan is in the public domain. Anyone can attach himself or herself to the name in order to pursue their own particular agenda. Some have done so honorably and others dishonorably. Its leadership often defines an organization. Like attracts like. This is what I feel makes our organization a success. Certainly we are by no means as successful as the Democrats or Republicans. In terms of third parties we are very small indeed, although after 46 years of continued existence we remain the largest racialist organization in America. We continue to grow because we attract success-oriented individuals – men and women with a bright outlook on life, a positive attitude, and a winning mentality. This embodies our leadership.


The Knights has long held that the key to any successful movement is its ability to win the support of women. Contrary to mythic belief women have always held influential positions in society. Sadly many equate influence with a public position of some sort. While women have held such positions in the past, their primary influence has been in directing the belief systems of their children. This is ridiculed by some, but never the less true. The first person to see a resurrected Jesus Christ was Mary Magdalene. He trusted her with the mission to spread the good news. Christianity has prospered greatly and has flourished throughout the world with the aid of women. And our founding fathers were raised at the hand of strong virtuous Christian women.


The United States being the first modern nation ever to allow any citizen to vote did lag behind in recognizing this right to women. However, even this was not viewed by the men of that time as an act of discrimination, but rather one of protection from the ugly world of politics. It was a cultural issue not a moral issue.

Today, we recognize that because women do hold an extremely influential position in the family, it is for this precise reason that women are so influential as a whole in American society and politics. The family is the cornerstone of American life. It only makes sense to secure the support of such an important person.

I can not say that other organizations view women in this regard. Some perhaps still feel women are to be “protected”. Of course we feel women should be protected as well. But The Knights believes the best form of protection is to give women an opportunity to protect themselves. For example, we believe law enforcement should protect the American population, but the most important form of protection which can be bestowed upon the population is the ability to defend themselves as the 2nd Amendment allows. For the most part, I feel the racialist movement in general holds this view. A few may not, but they are in the minority. I have arrived at this opinion after 18 active years in the racialist movement and after knowing whom anyone would consider the main leaders of the movement from many different organizations.

The deciding factor in whether women seek out racialist organizations to participate in is not our acceptance of them, but rather in the way they perceive our acceptance of them. Furthermore, it is a common misconception among educators that women somehow “follow” their men into the movement  indicating they are left out of the decision. This would lend one to believe that women in the racialist movement are passive social misfits who are berated by the men they come into contact. I would never associate with such an ideology and I don’t think most women would. I give them more credit than that. My husband is very supportive of my position within the movement. I recruited him into The Knights and find him to be a wonderful husband, father, and klan member. He realizes our difference in talents and is manly enough to know that a real man respects a woman and her leadership abilities.

Gender feminists helped along by a liberal media portray the racialist movement as ignorant backward macho men clubs. While the men sit and curse minorities, women with small children at the apron strings are busy serving up greasy pork chops and mugs of cheap beer all the while getting their fannies slapped as they pass by. What intelligent woman would ever want to associate with such a scene? I am proud to say that I have never met more respectful and helpful men than I have in the racialist movement.

Fortunately, women are intelligent beings and are beginning to see past the attempts to disenfranchise them from the racialist movement. Women do understand the issues. And the racialist movement, in particular The Knights, is empowering them to seek out not just women, but men as well to share in the battle to win the hearts of white Christian America.

We are each given different gifts. Men and women each have unique talents. But what they share is the future destruction of their race, faith, and homeland. What we must join together is our individual strength, compassion, sincerity, and ideas to create a workable plan to achieve political power for our people. By working side by side as concerned men and women in The Knights this is what we feel we have accomplished. Together we will plan our work and work our plan.