Trump and the MidTerms: Reality Check

Thomas Robb

Pundits are still questioning the election results of November. It is customary for the party in control of the White House to lose congressional and senatorial seats in the midterm election. The Democrats had been predicting a “blue wave” to sweep a multitude of Republican congressional and senatorial representatives back home. Democrats did retake control of the congress. However, the Republicans increased their control of the Senate. This is a significant win considering their power to confirm the president’s nominees for judiciary positions. Losing the House is disappointing – however – not devastating to the president’s agenda. Losing the senate would be shattering.

So, what does this mean for White Nationalists? And what is the general prognosis of the Republic or what is left of it? Is the ailing condition of the Republic curable? Will Donald Trump led us to a national renaissance. Many are pumped up with Trump’s presidency. They are excited because they believe that on the cusp of our national collapse, the election of Donald Trump delivered us! I don’t want to be a rain cloud on the Republican/Trump parade but there are things we must consider. The victory of ALL the Republican candidates was only by a narrow margin. It certainly was not the huge margin we would have seen if the same candidates were running for office in 1960 when America was 92% white.

What changed? The former 92% white demographic is what changed. Today the white population is around 62%. And many of those 62% are white in skin color only. Culturally, morally and spiritually they are not one of us. They may look like us – but they are not one of us. Many of these 62% are married to a non-white or are so morally depraved that we would reject them as quickly as you would toss out a rotten egg.

Even if the total 62% were concerned about their people, the number dwindles each year. Approximately 6,700 baby boomers die every day. That means about 5 million baby boomers died since Trump was elected in 2016. Most of those baby boomers were white. Certainly, they were not all Republican or Conservative – but a very high percentage were.  However, let’s suppose only half of those old white people were traditionally minded, that would still mean Trump’s voter base has dropped by 2 ½ million people since 2016.

When those baby boomer voters die, they are being replaced by new voters who do not look like you and do not think like you. They have different cultures, different values and different gods. That is why traditional Americans have difficulty winning elections and those that do win, do so by increasingly small numbers.

Stacy Adams, the black gubernatorial candidate for governor of George said shortly before the November 6th election that they were going to send a message to White Nationalists (That’s everyone who votes Republican) that “they’re being replaced.” She lost the election – but only by a narrow margin. We are simply being voted out of our own country.

And it’s getting worse. Consider, not only are old white people dying everyday which, like I said means the voter base for Conservatives get smaller every day, but all those brown kids you see running around and filling up our public schools are going to be voting in a few short years. Those aliens (legal and illegal) coming into our country everyday are just a presidential signature away from amnesty, citizenship and the voting booth.


What a wonderful gift we are leaving to our children!

In Jeremiah 6 we read that: “Even the prophets and priests all tell lies. They try to heal my people’s serious injuries as if they were only small scratches. They say, ‘It’s all right, it’s all right!’ But God tells them “It’s not all right.”

I know the victory of Donald Trump, the appointments on the Supreme Court, and the midterm elections have a lot of people excited. But I want you to know that “It’s not all right!”

America may be having some economic recovery, we may be bringing back jobs and international respect, but we are still a morally corrupt nation. Every year there are fewer white voters and more non-white voters. It has been happening for 50 years and now those with Christian values either outright lose or if they win an election it is only a slim margin.

Soon the flood with engulf us.

Are you ready to throw yourself in front of a freight train?

I don’t know what is going to happen next – I haven’t glared into a crystal ball, read tea leaves or examined the entrails of a dead frog. But I do know that despite all the bad news there is a good outcome. White people simply do not lose! (That is why they hate you.)

We have never lost! In fact, in every land where we placed our foot we conquered, even when we were vastly outnumbered. It was because our victory was never in our numbers – it was always in our will! It was our will and our will alone, under the guiding hand of almighty Providence, that gave us this history of conquest! And in this contest against those who seek white genocide Donald Trump plays a commanding role.

I know there are patriots who do not support Trump and with sagacious “wisdom” and “insight” claim that Trump is a puppet of the Globalists. They are his masters and even his election was rigged for their pleasure. Those who “buy into” such rubbish seem to enjoy telling people how powerful the globalists are. I heard one paranoid speaker state that Jewish globalists are so powerful they even control the thoughts in your head!

Really? Talk about demoralizing the white resistance.

I support Trump, and, in a minute, I will tell you why. I know some people wail that Donald Trump DIDN’T do this or DIDN’T do that, or Donald Trump DID this or DID that! There are a multitude of things about Trump I do not like. But I guarantee that if he did ALL the things I like or would want him to do, I would be the only one he would make happy. Everyone else would still be mad! Understand Donald Trump is not a white nationalist. I think some people foolishly thought he was and now they are disappointed and mad. But Trump is not a white nationalist – never has been.

For our struggle and our white revival, it is not important for Trump to be a White Nationalist. However, he IS doing what many of us would want him to do. Some of the things I find most satisfying is his Supreme Court picks, dropping out of the Paris Peace Accord and pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The Trans-Pacific Partnership would have put immigration into America under the control of an international tribunal. Millions of “workers” from third world countries would have open access into our county. We would have a nonwhite FLOOD.

Donald Trump stopped that.

So, what if he recognized some silly embassy in Jerusalem!


It’s not important to us whether Donald Trump is a White Nationalist. But it IS important that he is perceived to be a White Nationalist. The anti-American globalists hate Donald Trump.

The election and programs of Donald Trump have exposed the hatred of our enemies. They can hardly contain themselves. Trump is not a white nationalist, but THEY think he is. They think his agenda and programs were designed and developed right here at Knights Party headquarters.

And because Trump is implementing to a large degree our Christian agenda – they are convinced he is a white nationalist. According to their logic, everyone who voted for Trump in 2016 or for those he endorsed in the midterms, are part of the white resistance. When they or their leftist media cronies claim millions of white Trump supporters are white nationalists, suddenly we do not appear so extreme.

A Reuters News Service poll from September 2017 claims that “31 percent of respondents said they strongly or somewhat agreed that the country needs to “protect and preserve its White European heritage,” An analysis by the pollsters found that those who gave indifferent answers were “more likely to have views that leaned more toward intolerance than away from it. . . In other words, many Americans have more in common with the alt-right, white nationalists … than they might think.”  A Reuters poll from a few years ago discovered that 57% of American – which would be translated to about 75% of white Americans say they can no longer identify with what America has become and 53% said they are beginning to feel like strangers in their own land.

On October 22 while speaking in Houston Texas, Donald Trump announced that he was a Nationalist – but the globalists didn’t hear “nationalist” – they heard “WHITE NATIONALIST!”  To the ears of the media, Trump was admitting he was a White Nationalist. And the media keeps telling millions of his supporters repeatedly – Trump is a racist! Trump is a White Nationalist. The media is helping White People to embrace Identity Politics.

The Democrats / Communists / Antifa / Cultural Marxists / Globalists and media are moving/pushing white people into the camp of White Nationalism.

Of course, over the years those of us in the White Nationalist Crusade are the ones who built the camp and turned on the light. Our mandate as Christians is to be a light on a hill. Millions of our people are fully aware that despite what they are told things are not all right.

We should be encouraged, however. The Knights Party and the work we do is extremely important. Our message promoting faith and family resonates. Our call for the preservation of our heritage is vital. And support of Law and Order is crucial. The Will of our people, their love for our children, and our reliance on God will carry us through tribulation and forward to a glorious new dawn.