MID TERMS ELECTION: Republican Wins Lead to Anti-White Intimidation by Antifa

The Knights Party is pleased that the midterm election brought a victory to White America.  Now, many may not consider it a victory, but traditionally, midterm elections always swung the pendulum to the other party.  And even though the Republican Party, the defacto White people party, lost the House (by a slim margin), the Republican Party won the Senate and gained some extra Senate seats.  The state-wide Senate races versus the House race demonstrated the balkanization occurring in different areas throughout the United States, and it also shows that there is an awakening of White people.  This awakening we are seeing is sparked by the boldness of President Donald Trump speaking out on many of the same issues that The Knights has been echoing for decades. These concerns include border security, a moratorium on immigration, America First economic policies, ending discrimination against Christians, defending the 2nd amendment, and the appointment of federal judges who interpret the Constitution as on a strict constructionist foundation.


In addition, when we see President Trump stating he is a nationalist, and not a globalist, this makes our message palpable.  Even now some national leaders, such as U.S. Rep. Steve King of Iowa are saying they are White Nationalists and saying whites are being replaced by changing demographics. And he got re-elected.  It means our wonderful message of White Christian Revival is being heard.

The midterms did not go as planned for the Globalists and we see the hatred against white Christians intensifying.  We can see this with the invasion in our Southern borders, where thousands of non-white illegal aliens are marching toward our country and the Democrat (Marxist) Party is screaming that any one that is against this invasion, is a hater and bigot. We see Antifa becoming even more violent, attacking conservatives such as Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. They are doing this in public venues, but also at private family homes. Antifa attempted a home invasion at Tucker Carlsen’s home and threatened his wife. With Tucker not at home, she was forced to lock herself in the pantry as they shouted, “we know where you sleep at night.”  This hatred towards our people will continue to intensify as America becomes more balkanized with Whites seeing their homeland being destroyed, their Christian faith spat upon, and our liberties being taken away.  The Knights has spoken about balkanization for over 30 years and we are seeing the effect via the recent elections.  The midterm elections are part of that balkanization. Non-whites have voted along racial identity pattern for years. Now white people are finally catching on. Liberal policies will never placate non-white voters. The majority simply want to see white people at the bottom. Therefore, they support unlimited legal and illegal immigration. They feel it will quicken the downfall of white people and the Republic. However, this can be exciting for our people and a great opportunity for White America to realize that they have a right to love their race and homeland and not be apologetic about it.  The Knights will continue spread the message of hope and deliverance to our people. Western Christian civilization must be preserved and advanced.