Balkanization and a New America

For more than thirty years The Knights has been warning about the balkanization of America. Even Time Magazine in its March 2010 edition blasted about the “White Anxiety Crisis” when whites will “increasingly develop a stronger consciousness of their political interests” and “A strong white minority political consciousness is most likely to arise.”

            In the book, Civil War Two, the author, Thomas Chittum, gives considerable attention to the ethnic balkanization occurring in the south and the southwest.  He suggests that by the year 2025 the southwestern states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California will have such a high population of Mexicans that it will be “American” in name only. He suggests most of the southern states will also balkanize at that time due to the extremely high population of blacks.  The U.S. Government, already financially dead, will be unable to contain this open defiance to U.S. Law and will be forced to abandon any notion of doing so.  America, as we know it, will cease to exist. Researchers tell us that as a result, there will be a flood of whites with a racial consciousness moving away from the coastal states, the southwest and the south into northern states, the west and the mid-west.

            There are still pockets of America that are 90% white or better.  God is calling our people back to a small- town atmosphere so that we may be far from the coming calamity that non-white violence and economic collapse will surely bring to heavily populated areas.  White nationalists are encouraged to use the internet to search out the demographics and seriously consider a move to these areas as you seek to protect your family or to start a family. 

            Every Knights Party associate is a catalyst in moving our communities forward.  And by communities we don’t just mean our physical communities, but also our ideological communities.  It is important that we all work toward the growth of the white nationalist community, not just and only in the sense of organization building, but also in reaching out and being a positive example to those many Americans who agree with us on most issues, but are unwilling to stand with us now.  They are still our brothers and sisters. 

This is why volunteering is so important.  This is how you meet others.  This is how you lead.  This is how you become an asset to your community.  The whole concept of migrating to majority white small towns, volunteering, becoming known, developing relationships, and creating a foothold for white nationalism is critical.  This is grass roots organizing and is a concept Pastor Robb has taught at party seminars since the mid-eighties

            The nation is in a demographic superstorm and the next census will tell us just exactly how dark it has become. However, this may be God’s way of drawing our people out from the alien populated areas of the U.S. And bringing them to the Heartland and similar white enclaves around the country.

            Our efforts, politically, must stand at the local and state levels. This is where we can win in the future.  Others will catch the vision.  God is gathering our people together.  Our people are making friends and influencing people.  We are at the cross roads of something great.

            What about the rest of the Country? To be sure, we are not supporting the idea that we should set out to build communes in the rural areas and to hell with the rest of the country.  When we speak about building communities, we simply refer to building a stronghold in areas that will be majority white.  Recently, headlines around the nation read, “Minority Births are Now the Majority.”  It has already occurred in the cities of America. What does this mean to the rest of the country that is ruled by the new majority?  Does this mean we intend to forsake our brothers and sisters who are left behind in majority non-white areas?  No. What it does mean is that we must think strategically.

It is sad to say, but many white people refuse to move from non-white areas because they simply like the metropolitan feel.  They like to live in an integrated area.  They do not see it as a danger to themselves or to their children.  We cannot force these people to change.  They may change given the right circumstances or it may be their children who hear the wake-up call. 

            Others refuse to flee non-white areas because it is their home.  It is where their family is.  It is where they grew up.  It is what they know.  The thought of moving to a white area may be appealing, but it is also frightening.  That is understandable.  They receive absolutely no condemnation from those who have made the move to a white area or are fortunate enough to have grown up in a white area that remains white.  We are simply looking at the overall picture.

            The changing demographics and tsunami of non-white violence is going to happen – it is happening!  It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of how soon and fast it will escalate.  It is the natural consequence of millions of white people for a number of generations turning their backs on their white brothers and sisters. Or if not that severe, they certainly did not take seriously the warnings of white nationalists who have been sounding the alarm for at least eighty years!

            While we believe in a decentralized government, when it comes to building a movement and a political party that can achieve real success, we must think of centralization.  Our people must unify themselves.  Our party must centralize itself in the midst of a majority white population.  We must pull like a magnet like- minded patriots to our cause and organize them in geographically viable areas – white areas.  It is not a matter of letting the enemy have the rest of the nation, it is simply gathering the forces together, building momentum, branching out and then under God’s guidance, taking our entire nation back. 

            There is no retreat to the hills. There is no giving up huge sections of our country.  There is no turning our back on our white brothers and sisters in the outermost regions of this land.  There is an organic – yet strategic gathering of white families – to white areas – to educate, work, organize, fellowship, live, grow, reproduce, and serve as the pillars of a new society of white Christian America under the banner of the Ku Klux Klan, by which we will win back our whole country and birth, as we have always termed it, a New America.