Plan Now: 2019 Knights Party National Congress and Family Retreat on Labor Day Weekend

July 2, 2019 Staff 0

2019 Knights Party National Congress and Family Retreat in the Beautiful Ozark Mountains – August 30-31 and Sept. 1 (Labor Day Weekend) Come for a wonderful weekend packed with patriotic speeches, music, and workshops! Meals are available at the private conference center and a delicious banquet served Saturday and Sunday evening. Children’s classes will be conducted which will include crafts and heritage lessons and they always enjoy the large playground. Attendees may enjoy a game of volley ball or the bonfire on Saturday night. Spacious and scenic grounds allow for camping.  Enjoy yourself at the nation’s only White Nationalist Family […]


Balkanization and a New America

January 8, 2019 Staff 0

For more than thirty years The Knights has been warning about the balkanization of America. Even Time Magazine in its March 2010 edition blasted about the “White Anxiety Crisis” when whites will “increasingly develop a stronger consciousness of their political interests” and “A strong white minority political consciousness is most likely to arise.”             In the book, Civil War Two, the author, Thomas Chittum, gives considerable attention to the ethnic balkanization occurring in the south and the southwest.  He suggests that by the year 2025 the southwestern states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California will have such a high […]

DOJ Affirms Literature Distribution Legal Activity

December 10, 2018 Staff 0

In recent months, the Knights Party through its attorney, Jason Robb, of the Robb Law Firm based in Harrison, Arkansas, has sent legal opinion letters to several states throughout the Eastern Coast as a result of literature distribution being conducted not only by the Knights, but also other white patriotic organizations.  Often, cities and small towns, which we call the tiny town tyrants, will make public statements condemning the distribution and make allegations that it is unlawful and that an investigation is needed to be done.  As a result, The Knights Party through its counsel will send these legal opinion […]


Summer – Law Enforcement Outreach – Now Underway

July 25, 2018 Staff 0

The Knights Party has always been on the side of law and order. As the 2007 Law and Order edition of Crusader newspaper stated, “Law and Order is important to Western Civilization and its preservation.” This newest Crusader is directed to the law enforcement community with many timely articles related to the LE community, views from former LE officers, and important information about the SPLC and ADL. Thousands of these have been printed and have been distributed throughout the summer. Call our national office at 870-427-3414 – during office hours – to ask how you can help. If you are […]


The Knights Party Holds “Love Your Heritage” Flag Rally Held Over Weekend

February 17, 2018 Staff 0

Over the weekend on February 17, approximately forty to fifty members and supporters of The Knights Party held a “Love Your Heritage” Flag Rally in honor of Valentines Day. Participants lined a large section of Hwy 62-65 North in Harrison, Arkansas; a busy road carrying visitors to Branson, Missouri. Confederate, American, Christian, and Blue Lives Matter flags waved in the breeze.  Children held large pink hearts. Rachel Pendergraft, a spokesperson for the event was pleased with the turnout and the reception. “Local members and residents turning out to support our heritage and police helps to promote a positive image for […]


March 29, 2017 Staff 0

Now say no to gun control PDF Leaflet. Download and pass out or share online.

The Swedes Are Here

March 14, 2017 Staff 0

(Left) National Director Thomas Robb (Center) National Organizer Rachel Pendergraft.  We were delighted to have a Swedish news team fly into Harrison, Arkansas to interview Robb and Pendergraft about our beliefs, goals, strategy, and opinions on Trump, refugee resettlement, Jeff Sessions, and the overall political climate in the U.S. and Europe.


Norwegian News Team Visits with The Knights

March 14, 2017 Staff 0

In this photo, National Director Thomas Robb, (center) visits with a news crew from Norway who visited us recently to discuss the Alt-Right, Trump, and the overall White Resistance. The Knights Part continues to serve as a voice for white Christian America and people around the world recognize this premier organization for its professionalism, longevity, and forward thinking program and strategy.