Knights Party Press Release: July 21. 2019

Pete Buttigieg, the homosexual mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and Democratic presidential candidate stated while campaigning in Iowa that white supremacy “could be the lurking issue that ends this country.” He went on to say “We’ve had a lot challenges in this country, but the one that actually almost ended this country in the Civil War was white supremacy,”
Like all the other Democrat presidential candidates, Buttigieg is decidedly anti-White. Buttigieg further pressed the accusation that under the Trump administration a climate has been created that could easily escalate into civil war.
According to Buttigieg this can only be avoided if white people take the issue of inequality “more seriously.” Thomas Robb, National Director of The Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas said. “It should be obvious to even the casual observer that Buttigieg is promoting white guilt. Instead of White Supremacy being an ideal that could end the country, it was actually White Supremacy which built the country.” Robb continued, “America was built by and for white people and became a world power under the guiding hand of white leadership. The decline of America began in 1965 when our immigration laws were changed opening our doors to millions of people from 3rd world countries.” Robb praised Trumps policies in support of American traditional values and its founding settler people.