Knights Party Press Release: July 24. 2019

VICTORY! Venezuelan Amnesty Bill Falls Short in House .

The Knights Party, based in Harrison, Arkansas, is pleased that the U.S. House of Representatives blocked passage of H.R. 549, a bill to grant Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to illegal aliens from Venezuela — on Tuesday. The Democrat House Leadership attempted to pass the bill under suspension of the rules, meaning it would bypass regular House order. In order to do this, the bill would need to receive support from at least two-thirds of the House. Although it received 268-to-154 votes in favor, it fell short of the two-thirds requirement. National Director of the Knights, Pastor Thomas Robb, said that, if the bill passed the House and eventually the Senate, he prayed that President Donald Trump would  veto it.

Pastor Robb noted in reaction to the bill’s defeat, “this would have caused a catastrophic effect on the white population in America and would have continued the white genocide policies of our country via population replacement.”

In addition, if this bill had passed, TPS status would have been granted to citizens from Venezuela, including those that are in the United States illegally. And for Venezuelans to be eligible, they would have to be present prior to enactment of the bill, which means that any Venezuelan who could get into the U.S. before passage by both chambers of Congress and before getting signed into law by Pres. Trump would be eligible for the “temporary” amnesty. This horrific bill would have encouraged more than 30 million Venezuelan citizens to storm the U.S.-Mexico border. Robb further stated, “the Knights Party, the oldest and largest white rights organization in the country, has been sounding an alarm for decades about the massive influx of non-white-immigrants flooding into our country. The desire of cultural- Marxists is to turn America, a traditionally white country, into a non-white country.”