Knights Party Press Release: Sept. 30. 2019

A second civil war has become a major talking point in recent days due to demands to impeach President Trump. “Civil War” is now trending on Twitter. Leftist anti-whites and a sprinkling of Republicans who claim to represent conservative issues are aghast at the idea of Civil War 2 as if Trump wants it to happen, rather than predicting a deepening of the fracture in the U.S. based on ideological and racial lines. Pastor Thomas Robb, national director of The Knights Party says that while many have been warning of the possibility of civil war citing increasing balkanization as evidence it is not something is hoped for. Robb says The Knights Party has been speaking out about Balkanization for decades.

Robb argued on Monday that the leftist attack on Christians that is being played out in the courts, the schools, and the media is one reason that threats from politicians such as Beto O’Rourke are so alarming. Robb noted, “We have been telling the American people for generations that there is an assault upon our race, our faith, and our heritage. There is an effort by anti-Christian and anti-white globalists to disarm the American people. Our founding fathers and mothers knew the importance of the 2 Amendment. The twenty million men, women, and children killed during the leftist Bolshevik Revolution in Eastern Europe provide an illustration to the carnage that anti-Christian globalists have planned for America. We do not want it to happen. We do not want a Civil War, no sane person does. To suggest that President Trump wants a war is ludicrous, but he evidently understands that the leftists want it and they are hoping to ensure their success by making sure the American people are left defenseless and helpless.” Robb concluded his remarks by adding that it was more important than ever to ask for God’s guidance and protection over our beloved nation.