Knights Party Press Release: Nov. 12. 2019

It appears Socialist and Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is unable to make up her mind about the true threats against America, and moreover, all civilization, although it’s clear she has narrowed it down. In March at the South by Southwest Conference & Festival in Austin, TX which celebrates a working relationship between music, film, and industry, Casio-Cortez remarked about the emerging robotic field and the implications it could have on workers. However, she did not seem too concerned, only elated and suggested that the prospect of “being automated out of work” should lead to excitement rather than angst. Her concern was not that it may lead to mass unemployment, but instead that there is not a system in place to care for the unemployed, which is why there may need to be a “robot tax.”

However, as increased technology has been assuaged as a leading cause of climate change, it is interesting that she backs the industry, but likewise, alleges that because of global warming, the world is likely to end in twelve years, although she also maintains that the world is reaching a level of “infinite resources.” And apparently, this gargantuan task of stopping global warming, keeping the world from imploding, and yet clothing and feeding everyone, while robots are put to work, coincides with the real culprit, “white supremacy.” AOC condemned, what she alleged was the true problem in America, white supremacy, adding that politicians in America do not like to talk about race or poverty. Rachel Pendergraft, spokeswoman for The Knights, said on Monday that Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks were rubbish. “Leftist agitators, cultural Marxists, and so-called social justice warriors, continue to play the race card, blaming every problem upon white supremacy. They blame any environmental change on Western nations’ carbon footprint. They argue that free enterprise is destroying and impoverishing neighborhoods of color, and at the same time these leftists depend on a strong tax base, made possible by enterprising individuals, companies, and a solid work force, to lure future leftist voters into America all in an effort to undermine America’s traditional values and cultural and religious hegemony. And they claim white “supremacists” are the problem. Absurd!”