Knights Party Press Release: Nov. 27. 2019

The Knights Party based out of Harrison, Arkansas, one of the largest pro white rights organization in the United States, is pleased with the decision that the Alabama Supreme Court has upheld a state law barring cities from moving or altering Confederate monuments. Justices on Wednesday reversed Jefferson County Circuit Judge Michael Graffeo’s ruling that declared the law unenforceable because it violates the free speech rights of local communities. Attorney Jason Robb, general counsel for the Knights Party said, “The 2017 Alabama law prohibited removing and altering memorials that have been standing for more than 40 years and Birmingham’s attempt to remove the Confederate statute in Linn Park is just another example of cities trying to erase the memory of the White Christian culture of the South.” Attorney Robb further stated, “it is ridiculous that the city of Birmingham would claim that the city has a right to free speech. Cities don’t have free speech and they are not protected by the First Amendment. Only individuals have protection under the First Amendment.” Pastor Thomas Robb, national director of the Knights Party also stated, “Birmingham, which is a majority-black city, erected a wooden box to prevent the view of the 52 foot tall statute honoring Confederate veterans, and that this demonstrates again that there is an overt attack on our race, culture and heritage by those that want to literally destroy our people. One way of doing that is to remove the monuments that honors our forefathers.”