Knights Party Press Release: Dec. 22. 2019

The left-wing media got excited when the Democrats in congress voted for impeachment of President Trump on Wednesday, December 19th. However he has not yet, in fact, been impeached, according to Thomas Robb, National Director of The Knights Party. “The congress voted to impeach the president, but until the Articles for Impeachment are delivered to the Senate, the impeachment vote remains only a suggestion.” According to Robb, it would be the same as a prosecutor believing a person is guilty of a crime, “but it remains only the prosecutors opinion until the prosecutor file official charges.” Sometimes, Robb stated, prosecutors, in fact, believe an individual is guilty, but knows the evidence is not sufficient enough to file charges and get a conviction.
Not until House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sends Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for trial, will the impeachment become a fact. Until such time Donald Trump still has not yet been impeached.