Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 22. 2020

On Monday January 20th American Military News broke the headline, “VA. Sheriffs Show Up And Join Va. Gun Rights Rally.

At least one Virginia sheriff could be seen showing support for pro-gun rights activists who rallied at the Virginia Capitol building in Richmond Monday.

Grayson County sheriff Richard Vaughan was seen voicing his opposition to new gun control measures being discussed by Democrat controlled Virginia state legislature. Vaughan said, “If the bills go through as proposed, they will not be enforced. They are unconstitutional.” Vaughan added, “We support upholding the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Virginia.”

Vaughan and others could be seen carrying a sign that read “WE SUPPORT THE SECOND AMENDMENT.”

Grayson County is one of many countries in Virginia that have adopted a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” resolution.

Vaughan is not the only Virginia sheriff that has voiced opposition to enforcing new gun laws. Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpeper County suggested Deputizing gun owners as Law Enforcement Officers to safeguard themselves and their Second Amendment rights. Jenkins reportedly spoke at the rally along with another Sheriff.

Today, Thomas Robb, National Director of the Knights Party based in Harrison Arkansas said, “This is why we, the Knights Party, stand behind our brave men and women in Law Enforcement.” “These men and women see first hand the demoralization occurring in America. They’re on the front lines day and night, and they see the need to have our Second Amendment rights protected for our American citizens.”

Robb added, “This should show American citizens that the saying, “Armed citizen’s are safe citizen’s.” is true, “It comes straight from the mouths of our Law Enforcement communities.”

Robb then said, “If American citizens would be safer being disarmed, or if being disarmed would cut down on the amount of crime in America, don’t you think Law Enforcement would support that instead?” “It’s just common sense.”