Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 24. 2020

On Thursday January 23rd, Fox News reported, “DHS boss warns caravan migrants will be sent home if they reach US, amid reports of violence.”

As the latest caravan heads north from Central America, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf announced it will not be allowed entry into the US, citing the safety of Americans as his top priority.
Many reports have surface showing violence in the latest caravan. Wolf said in a statement, “The Department is prioritizing the safety and security of our officers and the American people. . . Should any members of the caravan reach the US-Mexico border, they will be processed accordingly and quickly removed, returned or repatriated.”
This statement came after Mexican police clashed with hundreds of migrants trying to get into Mexico from Guatemala on Monday.
Thomas Robb, National Director of the Knights Party based in Harrison Arkansas said today, “The invasion by these and other aliens into America is an epidemic and if not halted will change America forever. Robb added, “The America you knew as a child is quickly disappearing as we are systematically replaced by people who do not share our values, culture, faith and blood.”