Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 10. 2020

Outrage ensues when four white students win MLK Jr. Day essay contest at University of Montana.
The University of Montana has very few black students because Montana has very few black people, and this demographic profile created some issues.

When four white students were announced as the winners of the MLK essay contest, students and other observers claimed racism was the reason for only White students being recognized as the winners.

However, the fact is white students won because only white students entered the contest. It had nothing to do with racism by the judges.

Speaking from the National Office of the Knights Party in Harrison Arkansas, National Director Thomas Robb said, “It amazes me how in America whites get the blame for everything, even down to the academic laziness of black students.”

Robb added, “If all the participants in the essay contest where white, how could anyone but a white student win?