Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 13. 2020

Last night, Blavity News reported that a panel of black immigrant students were bombarded with racist questions during a Black History Month event.

The Brigham Young Kennedy Center for International Studies hosted a panel featuring five black women discussing race and immigration.

The audience was asked to submit questions online anonymously for the women to answer. The panelists said they noticed something was wrong when members of the audience started laughing at the questions on a screen that wasn’t viewable by the women.

Some of the questions submitted included, “What is the percentage of African-Americans on food stamps?” “Why do African-Americans hate the police?” “Why don’t we have any white people on stage.” “How is it to be black? I don’t see color,” and “Why do we act like all black people don’t get treated well? There are also White, Mexican, Chinese, and other races not getting treated well.”

A Sophomore at the University and a speaker at the event, Tendela Tellas, said she was disturbed by the submitted questions.

“The fact that the people made the effort to come to the panel and attack us is disgusting and honestly a waste of time.” Tellas told the Salt Lake Tribune.

Speaking from the Knights Party headquarters based in Harrison Arkansas, National Director Pastor Thomas Robb said, “We are always told that Americans need to have an honest and open discussion about race , but when someone asks an honest and open question about race they are immediately accused of being racist?”