Thousands of patriotic Americans are having their speech censored by oppressive action of a Russian social media site.

Over the weekend VK, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, began purging patriotic Christians and White Nationalists off its Social Media platform.

Fearing the growth of world-wide white resistance to globalism VK, headquartered in St. Petersburg Russia, had pressure put upon them by Hate Trackers which prides itself on silencing Free Speech of white nationalists.

Hate Trackers said, “The damage will be long felt and they’ll take awhile to regroup. The disruption of their communications and sending them running for the hills went off without a flaw. They were completely caught off guard.”

Thomas Robb, National Director of the Knights Party, and one of the many purged from VK said, “This is typical behavior of the enemies of liberty and reveals clear evidence of how international corporations and the global elite fears the growth of nationalism in America and across Europe.”

According to Robb, The “victory” of Hate Trackers and their anti-American globalist partners was short lived and noted “no one is “running for the hills.” Support for our White Christian Crusade continues to grow.”

Robb also pointed out this is further evidence of the anti-white bias of the national media. “If black, Hispanic or other racial groups, other than white, had their social media accounts deleted in such an act of apparent racism, the national media would be in an outrage.”