Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 24. 2020

Recently, Fox News reported a California Sheriff said he would comply with ICE subpoenas requesting jail records.

According to the report, ICE served the subpoenas on San Diego County Sheriff, Bill Gore, for the jail records of four Mexicans in the U.S. illegally.
Gore issued a statement this past Thursday announcing that he was complying with the demands. He said, “A truly authorized federal administrative subpoena has to be honored.”

The report goes on to say that similar administrative subpoenas have been issued to law enforcement agencies in Denver, Connecticut, New York City, and Oregon. As of this past Thursday, Gore was the first to comply.

National Director, Thomas Robb of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas said, “Every law enforcement agency, jail, and prison in the United States needs to comply with these subpoenas and detainers.” “How many times in the very recent past have these subpoenas and detainers been ignored, only to release these illegals back in to society to continue to rape, murder, and rob our American citizens?”

Robb added, “How many of our citizens have to have their lives destroyed before we once again employ sensible laws governing the presence of these illegal aliens in our society. Often these aliens are guilty of multiply crimes and yet remain protected.”

Robb closed saying, “It’s time we once again understand – illegal means illegal.”