Knights Party Press Release: Mar. 6. 2020

The Blaze on Wednesday reported, “Man claims he is victim after N-word , ‘Trumppainted on vehicles. Then police arrest him.

A Mississippi man claimed he was the victim of racism-fueled graffiti, but he’s been arrested because police discovered the man allegedly orchestrated a hoax.

In early February, WREG-TV reported that Southaven, Mississippi, police and the FBI were investigating after Turmaine Foster reported his vehicles had been spray-painted with racist slurs. His pickup truck had the N-word painted on it, while a car had the phrase “Leave nigger” and “Trump” painted on it.

A neighbor of Foster’s told WREG, “That it was a hoax just kind of made us look silly, that’s just embarrassing. That’s absolutely embarrassing.”

As far as a potential motive for the crimes, WREG discovered that Foster owns a body shop that primarily specializes in painting cars.

National Director of the Knights Party based in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, ” The media suggests that this may be an insurance fraud type of case, but what Foster painted, still makes it a hate crime hoax, and it needs to be treated as such.”

Robb went on to say, “Hate crime hoaxes are on the rise in America, and if you’ve noticed, they’re all against white people. When have you seen a white claim someone painted ‘Cracker’ anywhere as a hate crime hoax?”

Robb closed saying, “In my opinion, anyone caught committing a hate crime hoax should get double the punishment of one actually committing a hate crime.”