Knights Party Press Release: Apr. 10. 2020

The headline, “Woman Unleashes Racist Rant Directed At Vietnamese Restaurant Owner,” was a headline from ABC13-Houston on Wednesday April 8th.

A business owner was left shocked when a woman at a Kroger parking lot unleashed a racist rant.

Sammi, who owns the Vietnamese restaurant Vietopia which is adjacent to the parking lot on Buffalo Speedway, said she heard commotion outside the business and went to investigate. She said that’s when she saw the unnamed woman yelling at her husband and other employees.

Sammi recorded the woman, who then yelled out profanities at her, and is heard yelling, “Get out of our country.” She goes on to yell, “You! Get out of the United States, you ugly {expletive.}”

Sammi said, “They’re going to say what they want, but it made me feel so bad. They hate us, and all we do is work all day.”

National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “I don’t see how this Vietnamese woman was shocked. White Americans are tired of being treated as strangers in their own country. Sadly, most white people don’t know there is a way, and an organization devoted to returning America to it’s Constitutional law and it’s mandated White Christian authority, so they lash out in anger, which is not productive. Myself, and our Knights Party members work very hard everyday to show White Americans that we have a mission to accomplish of bringing America back by having a White Christian Revival in America, and we do it in a legal, productive way.”

Robb closed by saying, “Multiculturalism has never worked at any time in history, anywhere in the world. It has ended in the destruction of that society. To think it will work in America, is foolish.”