Knights Party Press Release: Apr. 8. 2020

Yesterday, April 7th, a Fox News headline read, “Walmart Patron Sprays Cashier In The Eyes With Lysol Over Coronavirus Limit.”

In Massachusetts, police are searching for a woman who they say sprayed Lysol disinfectant in the eyes of a Walmart employee.

Leicester police said in a Facebook post that the unidentified woman sprayed the worker after being informed that there was a limit on the number of cans she could purchase.

Police also said the woman completed her purchase after spraying the employee and left in an Uber. EMS also responded to the scene to treat the worker. There was no update on the workers condition.

Walmart and other stores have limited the number of Lysol products and other basic cleaning supplies people can purchase because of high demand during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking from the National Office in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party said, “People all over the country are going crazy over this Chinese Virus. They’re fighting in the stores, coughing, sneezing, and spitting on each other, confronting others for not wearing masks, getting too close to one another, and the list goes on. These actions are not actions of a civilized society, expecially not the actions of a White society. But in all reality, you’ve got the media to blame for this. Every article, every news broadcast, has Coronavirus in it somewhere. They even interrupt TV programs to give updates. The media has caused this mass hysteria that is happening, and all for the purpose of President Trump to not be re-elected this year. At some point you’ve got to ask yourself, “Is it really worth all the chaos it’s causing?” To the left-wing, it must be.”