Knights Party Press Release: Apr. 20. 2020

CNN on Saturday night, April 18th, ran the headline, “Trump warns, ‘there could be a differencebetween enforcement of social distancing at mosques vs. churches.”

President Donald Trump said Saturday that there ‘could be a difference’ in how authorities enforce social distancing guidelines at mosques versus how they do at churches.

This was in response to a question regarding a post by conservative author and political commentator Paul E. Sperry he retweeted today.

Trump said that he spoke with both imams and rabbis but claims that “politicians treat different faiths differently.”

Farhana Khera, executive director of Muslim Advocates, called Trump’s remarks “insulting and frustrating on the eve of Ramindan….our president chooses to use his energy and platform to amplify the hateful words of the original tweet.”

“As is often the case, the President is yet again stoking anti-muslim hate and sowing division at a time when he is failing to do his job,” Khera said.

Trump stated in part, “I don’t know what happened with our country, but I think the Christian faith is treated much differently than it was, and I think it’s treated unfairly.”

National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “Not only is Christianity in America treated differently, it’s being erased. Prayer has been taken out of just about everything because it offends someone. America was founded by White Christan men and women. It’s a White Christian Nation, yet Muslims, Jews, and many other non-white, non-Christian religions think they should get special privileges in America. Think what would happen if America’s White Christians moved to a non-white, non-Christian Nation and tried practicing our religion there. Would we be given special privileges? Any non-white in America that wants to practice a non-white religion, needs to go to a country that practices their preferred religion, because it’s not, or should not be tolerated in America.”