Knights Party Press Release: May 29. 2020

On Wednesday night, The Blaze ran the following headline, “Man withTrump’ on his car beaten by activists protesting death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.”

The second day of protests in Minneapolis over the death of a black man, George Floyd — who died after a white police officer held him down with a knee to his neck for several minutes during detainment — erupted into looting and vandalism, and a man who appeared to be a Trump supporter was beaten by activists.

Reporter Karen Scullin of KMSP-TV, wrote that protesters were trying to break into the Minneapolis Police Department’s third precinct, and officers fired rubber bullets in an effort to push back the crowd, which she described at that time to be “not huge but very vocal and angry.”

Scullin included footage of looting and acts of vandalism before reporting, “protestors destroying a car that says Trump on it. Driver out walking around. After taking a few punches he was helped to his smashed up vehicle and drove off with people still throwing things.”

Thomas Robb, National Director of the Knights Party based in Harrison Arkansas said, “While the death of George Floyd, appears to have resulted from extreme force by a Minneapolis police officer, we may not know all the facts until a complete investigation is completed. However, the rioting which followed is a separate issue. The media appears to be telling us that the fires, looting and random violence were somehow justified because the black community is angry and frustrated for being continually victimized by white anti-black racism. The responsibility of the police in a situation like this is to control the streets, not to retreat to a place of safety.

“While the death of George Floyd may not have been justified. The rioting by an uncontrolled mob is inexcusable and the police should have used what ever extreme force necessary to control the streets, prevent the destruction of property and stop the looting by the man power and fire power mandated to them by law. To see the police in constant retreat was appalling.

“While the story created by the media is focused on the death of George Floyd, the real drama we saw unfolding before our eyes was how weak law and order has become when confronted by savages on the streets.”