Knights Party Press Release: July 22. 2020

On Tuesday, July 21st, The Washington Free Beacon ran this headline, “Michigan School Fires Popular Teacher For SayingTrump Is Our President’.”

A Michigan school district fired a popular high school teacher and coach after he pointed out that “Trump is our president” on social media.

Varsity baseball coach and social studies teacher Justin Kucera said Walled Lake school district officials hauled him into a closed-door meeting after he indicated his support for President Trump’s speech to reopen schools. He told the Washington Free Beacon the Walled Lake Western principal and district superintendent gave him an ultimatum: be fired or resign.

The National Director of the Knights Party based in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “This shows the indoctrination in our schools today. The educators aren’t even allowed to openly support a President that does do some things for White America, or shows pride in America and it’s founding fathers. This is why the Knights Party supports homeschooling our White children. If you’re a concerned White parent and want information on homeschooling, please visit”