Knights Party Press Release: Nov. 6. 2020

The day after the election, Wednesday, November 4th, The Daily Caller ran the headline, “Gun Store Sells 80,000 Rounds Of Ammo In 30 Minutes After Opening.”

A gun store chain has reported that it sold more than 80,000 rounds of ammo in just the first half hour after opening.

The Northwest Indiana Times reported that Blythe’s Sport Shops, which had locations in Valparaiso and Griffith, Indiana, had a shipment of 80,000 rounds of 9mm ammunition come in on election day. It was reportedly gone in just 30 minutes.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas said, “This isn’t surprising to me. For months, we’ve watched our once beautiful cities looted and burned to the ground, we’ve been told we can’t leave our homes, told to wear masks, told to stay 6 feet apart, and now, an election like I’ve never seen before. Every White, law-abiding citizen needs to concider how safe we actually are. I don’t recommend any White citizens leaving their homes unarmed in these uncertain times.”