Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 27. 2021

As if some kind of contest, on Monday, January 25th, The Daily Signal reported, “Biden Far Outpacing Trump On Early Executive Orders, Actions.”

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Monday ensuring transgender Americans can serve in the military, along with a “buy American” order to steer federal government purchases to products manufactured in the United States.

While former President Donald Trump called him “Sleepy Joe” during the campaign, Biden quickly has sped past Trump on executive actions after the first few days of their respective tenures.

The National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “This is almost a childish ‘look at me’ headline. Biden may have signed more executive orders than Donald Trump at this time into their respective tenures, but lets look at what Biden has done. Biden is proud of promoting homosexuality by allowing homosexuals back into our military, he has allowed homosexuals into heterosexual women’s sports, and even allows these homosexuals into their bath and shower rooms! This is only two examples of what Joe Biden has done against America’s moral Christian values, there are many more. Joe Biden has done NOTHING so far that is in the best interest of White, Christian America. To boast of the amount of executive orders that Biden has signed, none for the best interest of America, is ridiculous.”