Knights Party Press Release: Jan. 29. 2021

The National Review published this headline on Thursday, January 28th, “The Problem with Systemic Racism’.”

President Biden’s argument that racial animus is an omnipresent force in American life only sows discord and makes positive reforms harder to achieve.

‘The fact is systemic racism touches every facet of American life,” says President Biden, who offers no further explanation for this sweeping declaration about the country he serves as commander-in-chief.

Every facet? Really? I facetiously asked Twitter if Biden’s statement applied to every trip to the grocery store, every school field trip to an apple orchard, and the existence of the child tax credit. One follower of mine responded that yes, in fact, it does, and provided me with links meant to prove as much. Unwittingly, he provided me with near-perfect examples of why the president’s assertion is preposterous.

The National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “The problem with any kind of racism in America is that it doesn’t exist! Think for a minute, this is a white, Christian nation. Founded by, built by, and intended to remain a white country. That’s not anymore racist than any non-white country that was founded by, built by, and intended to remain a non-white country. When in any foreign country, being the foreigner, you’re expected to adhere to, and follow the laws of the country your in. The problem isn’t that whites in our own country are racist, it’s that the non-whites in America expect us to erase our history, and rewrite it with them somehow included in it. Non-whites in America want a cut of our God given inheritance, which is our white country, but God didn’t write them into His will. Is that our fault? Absolutely not! If non-whites have a need to feel equal with anyone, by all means, go to your country of origin where you’ll be equal…..with your own race.”