Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 8. 2021

The LGBT dogma lives loudly in Joe Biden. On Saturday, February 6th, LifeSiteNews reported, “Biden’s full-tilt transgender pandering dwarfs even Obama years.”

Joe Biden insisted that his administration would “look like America.” If that’s true, most Americans are ready for an extreme makeover. A week and a half in, the majority would agree: nothing this White House has done comes even close to resembling their values. Instead, it’s been a parade of far-Left extremism that’s snuffed out any hope that this president’s “whole soul” is actually in “bringing America together.” What it’s in, as far as the Washington Post can tell, is an LGBT agenda that will blow the doors off of modern convention.

From his National Office, based in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party said, “It’s amazing the downfall of America in such a short time with this homosexual agenda. To the point the President of the United States not only supports it, he promotes it! I can’t help but think, America today, has to make Sodom and Gomorrah look like decent places. The saddest part is that so many white people have fallen into the trap by tolerating this. Tolerance of these sexual deviants, is as good as committing the sin yourself. By tolerating these deviants, I don’t mean we should be committing random acts of violence against them, God will do that, but we should be standing up and saying ‘ENOUGH’ by contacting our local, state, and federal government officials and saying, ‘We will not tolerate these ungodly acts being committed in our White, Christian country.’ With enough pressure, we can make changes, but first, we must stop tolerating the sinful acts of these sexual deviants. God commands us to do so!”