Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 15. 2021

Where’s the manhunt??? The Daily Caller on Saturday February 13th ran this too common headline, “2 Officers Injured, Photographer Attacked And 11 Arrested During Violent BLM Demonstration.”

Two officers were injured and 11 protesters were arrested during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in New York City Friday night, the New York Post reported.

Two NYPD officers sustained minor injuries and it was unclear whether other officers were injured while responding to the demonstration, the Post reported. Some of the protesters were arrested for attacking Daily News photographer Sam Costanza because they reportedly thought he was a law enforcement officer.

From his office in Harrison Arkansas, the National Director of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan, based also in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “Here we go, it’s not even Spring yet, and the cockroaches of society are hitting the streets of America already. This is a precursor of what 2021 will hold. More than likely, what the next four years will hold. Where’s the outrage to this all too common headline? Sure, it made the headlines, but where’s the manhunts like the ones’s taking place over the protest at the Capitol? Where’s all the video and pictures being plastered everywhere with the BLM riot participants? Who’s hunting these people down? Or is it possible the BLM riots are all supported somehow by the leftist’s? Is it possible that the black’s and other assorted non-whites in our White, Christian country are being given special passes to commit violent crimes against our White citizens? This is the very definition of controlled genocide. In this case, White Genocide.”