Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 17. 2021

Most people don’t understand just how true this headline, “George Washington Is The Greatest President Of All Time, And We Need Him Now More Than Ever,” from The Daily Wire, on President’s Day, February 15th, really is.”

The debate over who is the United States’ “best” president is one which rages every year. Some argue in favor of Abraham Lincoln — for understandable reasons — while others look at America’s more recent history. Bizarrely, there are some who even argue that Barack Obama is their top pick, while others choose Donald Trump.

In reality, there is only one answer. George Washington is, without a doubt, the best and most important president in American history. In our current political climate of division, narcissism, and hunger for power, we need to remember him now more than ever before.

The National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “I’ll second this headline! And for more reasons than listed above. Our founding fathers, which were White Christians, created our government to be governed by White Christians under God’s laws. It was to remain a White Christian only run government. No wonder it’s been fractured from its former state. Today, our government has been polluted with non-whites of assorted color, homosexuals, and all sorts of non-white religions. Our White Christian country has been taken hostage by people that are anti-white, and more importantly, anti-Christian. We not only need our founding fathers back, we need to repent for our sins of tolerance for allowing our God given land to be taken over by sodomites and enemies of the White race. Who we really need back is God and his forgiveness of our sin of tolerance. Then we can heal and move forward as a nation.”