Knights Party Press Release: Feb. 26. 2021

Yet another American company turns its back on the White race! On Wednesday, February 24th, the news source NewsBusters reported this headline, “Coca-Cola Training Encouraged Employees to ‘Be Less White’.”

Uh oh. Pepsi fans may have an advantage amidst the ongoing Pepsi vs. Coke feud as Coca-Cola faces backlash for encouraging employees to “Try to be less white.”

A training video created by Robin DiAngelo for a LinkedIn Learning seminar circulated the internet over the weekend. Supposedly, Coca-Cola employees watched the lecture which had slides about confronting racism, trying to break white solidarity, and being overall “less white.”

National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas, Thomas Robb said, “Coca-Cola is only one of many companies that has turned its back on the people that made it a profitable American company. I don’t understand the thinking of these companies. I mean how, or why would you bite the hand that has fed? It sure wasn’t the black race that made Coca-Cola the big company it is, and that goes for all these American companies that have turned their backs on not only America, but it’s citizens. I think these companies will regret their decisions more sooner, than later. If I was a business owner, I surely wouldn’t want to only target 13% of any population. Not only that, can you imagine White’s invading Africa, leeching off of them, and then ask them to be ‘less black’?