Knights Party Press Release: Mar. 10. 2021

Welcome to modern day Sodom and Gomorrah! From America’s lawmakers, clear to the President, what has happened to our White, Christian country? Christian news source, FaithWire, on Tuesday the 9th, ran this, “CA Bill Would Fine Retailers $1,000 for Having Separate Sections for Boys, Girls.”

While retailers in California are struggling to make ends meet under ongoing pandemic restrictions, legislators in the state are slated to consider a bill that would give the state government authority to mandate how they display their products.

Assembly members Evan Low and Cristina Garcia — both Democrats — introduced legislation last week to force retailers to offer their toys, clothing, and other kid-oriented items in a “gender-neutral” fashion, Politico reported.

Under the bill, retailers would still be allowed to sell the products they currently carry. However, they would be required to lump all the products together instead of separating them based on sex. California-based stores that sell products online would likewise be required to have pages on their websites offering the products in a collective “kids,” “unisex,” or “gender neutral” format.

Thomas Robb, the National Director of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas commented by saying, “America is becoming more sexually corrupt than Sodom and Gomorrah could have ever been. Not just in California, but across the US. We now have a sitting President that not only supports sexual deviancy, but he’s doing his best to promote it as being normal behavior. We need to return to basing our laws on biblical principles, and until we do, America is headed for the same punishment that God unleashed on Sodom and Gomorrah.”