Knights Party Press Release: Apr. 7. 2021

The domestic terrorist organization has a message for White America with the headline, “Cities Will Be on Fire” – Black Lives Matter Activist Warns “All Hell Will Break Loose” If Officer Chauvin Is Not Convicted in George Floyd Death.” from Gateway Pundit.

Black Lives Matter activist Maya Echols, who is also a signed model with IMG Worldwide, warned in a recent Tik-Tok video that “cities will burn” if Police Officer Derek Chauvin is not convicted in the death of drug addict and thief George Floyd.

Echols says, “All hell is going to break loose!”

Maya Echols: “If George Floyd’s murderer is not sentenced just know that all hell is going to break loose. Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire.”

National Director, Thomas Robb, of the Knights Party, based in Harrison Arkansas said, “How can this statement not be taken as a direct threat against White America? It sounds pretty clear to me that if a law enforcement officer isn’t held accountable for a drug addicted criminal’s overdose while commiting the felony of passing counterfeit money, then White America will suffer the consequences. That sounds like domestic terrorism to me.”